Why do we think??


Ever wondered about this? Ever got a question like  this? Probably never. But I get this question when I am idle. I am still trying to find the best answer to this question. When you are idle, it is the time when you get so many question and it happens that you don’t have answers to them. You are desperate to find the answers. There are some silly questions also which you don’t put forward as you are afraid of being called an idiot or may be a retard.

So what do you do then? My bad habit of being restless till I find the answer still exists. So I start looking for the probable answer. One of the first answers is that our brain loves to think. So it cannot stop the process of thinking. You can say that the love is Romeo and Juliet kind of love. There is no certain topic or certain area of thinking. It is random and happens unknowingly most of the time.

The second answer is rather scientific. There was this doctor named Dr. No who did a research on this topic and finally he died of thinking too much about “Why do we think??Before dying he wrote the results in a diary. It took months and lots of efforts by the handwriting experts to understand and recreate the results. It said that there becomes some chemical imbalance in our brain which evokes the neurons creating impulses which picks up random words we know and generates a random sentence. This sentence then becomes thought. It was quiet clear that Dr. No was deeply researching and had lost his mind.

Third answer is because we try to imitate what others do. There are these so called great thinkers whose pictures and posters we see in the thinking pose and are attracted towards them. We want to imitate that pose but we don’t know that the position itself is the thing which provokes our thoughts. This position is like a switch. When anyone comes into this position he starts thinking. If you don’t agree then you can try it out yourself.

The fourth answer is curiosity. We are really curious of anything that happens in and around us. We want to find answers to that and that leads to thinking. You can take yourself as an example who read this whole post to find out “Why do we think??” You are one of those who got the question when you saw this title and will continue to think about this even after reading this post.

If you were reading this post in order to find the answer to the question and didn’t find it then I sincerely apologize. The post never intended to find the answer but was created just to spread the disease of thinking.

Think Nonsense… :angel:

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