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Here I am again with some of the best posts I read in last week. The first one is Matrick Pass Donkey. I don’t have to tell you guys that I love the humor touch given to blog posts. This post is another example. The author tells us about his experience of passing Matrick. How he had a crush on teacher when he was six :love: , The various types of roles he use to play, Practicals of Newtons third law. He also mentions the teachers he liked (and didn’t liked) which  I really liked. Hardly anyone mentions teachers. Now I got a post coming on this.

Next post is the second part of a featured post in my last Tuesday readings. This is The Secrets of Developing Creative Thinking Skills : Part 2. I knew that second part will be good. I was right. Post starts with a quote by George Bernard shaw and that itself is sufficient for you to go on with the reading. Very nicely chosen quote with good use of links. Author also tells us very simple things to develop thinking skills. To be frank out of the five things he mentioned I already follow the first four. Seriously I write on any paper and keep any piece of paper with something to read on. I can’t follow the last part as it’s difficult to get such people. I got one friend recently with whom I am sharing my thoughts and he is doing the same.

The third post is a joke. Atleast the author wants to say the same thing. The post Success Jokes is about two jokes related to success. While reading I thought there is some meaning in those jokes. They are not mere jokes. It tell you “what is success” and “The secret of success” in just few lines which I am sure anyone can understand. Try to take the other part of the jokes.

The last post for the Tuesday Readings is from the Comment Rush on Entrecard blog. I thought it’s worth reading that post. Why Hobbies are good for us? tells us exactly what the title says. Why do we need hobbies is a question most of the money oriented persons will ask. For me my hobby of reading relieves me from many things. Have a hobby which will surely change your mood, the way you think and may be  the way you live. If you are good enough you can turn your hobby into profession.

There were some more posts I liked but I lost some links. Now I’ll be using my bookmarks for another good purpose.
Keep reading and Keep blogging

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  1. Another one liked my readings. I feel great 😀

    After changing domain the index is not erased. All indexed pages are still there in google.

    Thats rite. you get comments when you comment on someones blog. Perhaps you haven’t figured out power of EC’s. I have and spend them with caution.

  2. You surely read and it is great to see them here with summaries. I love that one who got a ‘puppy’ crush on with the teacher..^^ Maybe Freud is involved???

    BTW, when yu change domains, the entire index got erased that is why you lost your PR 3.

    And about the comments, more comments i get back from those whom i comment to. actually they dont even have ec accounts. the ec prize is a way to say thanks and to spend at least my credits. It is better to spend as soon as i have them…after all they are not money… (wink)

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