Memories from the past

Our life is divided into many phases. The most important is the learning phase. During this time we are dedicated to learning and nothing else. Our parents expect us to learn more than what they did. This is the time when we gather friends which we often find in different places throughout the journey of life. So this phase is more important to me. I have more experience of this phase and I haven’t tasted the other phases. :wub:

This learning phase is further divided into Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, higher Secondary, Graduation and Post Graduation. This is the system in India. Pre-primary I was too young and I can’t remember anything about that stage. Well there is one thing I do. My mother with a stick in her hand. I am crying… I don’t wanna go to school….Due to this whenever I see a picture of Goddess Durga, I picturize my mother. The stick being her sword.

Then comes the Primary. I was too much shy during this time. I hardly remember my friends and rare to meet the ones I know. I remember my class teacher giving me a paper with a speech written on it. I was told to memorize it and read it in front of all the students of the primary. That is during the assembly hour. I was so nervous that I forgot my speech. My teacher who was besides me relieved me, encouraged me. She told me to read the speech from the paper. My voice was hardly audible. She continued to give me written speeches and my voice was oud enough to be heard. By the end of my Primary school I was very confident in giving speeches.

Next was Secondary. Major part of my friend circle is from this phase. That is because they are local and I meet many of then every now and then. I was a silent guy in my every class except in 9th standard. The first day in school, I was pretty nervous. Then after some days the sitting arrangement was changed and I had to sit with a girl. She was total stranger and I remember keeping my bag between us rather than the space provided. 😆 Things changed as I grew up. I talked a bit freely with girls when I was in 9th and 10th. Between all these years I was known to be a very sensitive boy. I gave visit to headmasters office only twice. Not a bad record. I was very sad at the send off which was just before 10th examination. I hardly knew that I will never meet some of my friends.

Higher Secondary was quick. I remember it for a teacher who taught us Marathi. I was close to her. She used to tell us thoughts other than the book. There are some which I will never forget in my life. The second reason is due to my first “zero” in my life. Thanks to the mystery of chemistry. It was only due to the lecturers attention on me that I passed. Thank you sir for solving the mystery to some extent. The third reason is a Crush. Yes C R U S H. :heart: One girl had a crush on me. Not bad for an ordinary and not so handsome guy like me. :angel:

The was the College. The best part of the phase. I miss my college life more than anything. I had friends who helped me a lot and me too helped them. Not much mischievousness but a lot of bunking. A period when I was blown away by the wind of life. I was lost in the storm. This led to my addiction to Rock. At the end of college life I was a confident guy. I gained a lot of confidence. I also remember it for the first day in College. I was afraid. Afraid of ragging. For days me and a bunch of friends walked and traveled together due to the fear. The memories of College life are endless.

All this is because I miss some of my friends and I feel like meeting them now, the very moment. My heart is full. I miss you guys and will always..

Till the memory remains…

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