What The… Worldcup!!!

The most anticipated world cup has started. It’s been eight days and there is not much happening in this most happening event. As a spectator, I expect thrilling finishes and tough competition in worldcup of any sport. But this Cricket Worldcup has been pretty much boring till now. There are exceptions.

The first, ENG Vs NED match. This was a very close match. I thought this will be the first upset of this worldcup. Somehow, ENG managed to save their “BACK”(You know the word). NED, tagged as one of the minnows, played brilliantly. They deserved a win. Better luck next time.

The next match, PAK Vs SRI. PAK is our BELOVED neighbor. So I was supporting PAK as any GOOD neighbor will. This was way closer than what I thought. I expected SRI to win as they had the home ground advantage. They even managed to restrict PAK to a chase-able total. But this game, is full of surprises. Captains bowling and The lost nerves of SRI players helped PAK to win the match. SRI didn’t play to their potential. Just as one is happy of his neighbor’s progress, I was also happy that PAK won. In fact, very happy.

The third match finished just a couple of hours back. IND Vs ENG. I had a hunch that IND will loose this match no matter what. That was because of their poor performance against BAN. If BAN can score 283 easily then ENG can easily score 350 against IND. Guess what?? I was almost right. It was sheer luck that ended the game in tie. When IND finished batting and scored 338, everyone thought this match will go to IND. I was quite disappointed by the way they gifted their wickets at the end of inning. IND should have crossed 350 mark with ease. ENG began chase in right direction. The thrill started in the last 10 overs of the match. Game switching sides with every ball delivered, every ball played. No one expected a draw here. But one need to expect unexpectation in this game.

Was this just because the worldcup has only started? Or the pitches are flat and made for batsmen? Is it just coincidence that both ENG matches were thriller?



Someone put a life into this worldcup.