Dreams…The phenomena of dreams is still unknown. Scientists after a long research found out that dreams are images of what we do in our daytime. All the incidences come together and form a dream. Most predominant event happened in the day is the focus of the dream. It also includes what we see,what we hear. But I don’t go with this result. Dream phenomena is a mystery and maybe it will be a mystery. If you don’t agree with me then just try to recall your dreams.

How many of your dreams were related your life?? The things that happen to you in real life. Do you see them in your dreams?? It may be sometimes that the real event becomes a part of your dream. But not always. Where does these other things come from? These are just your imaginations. Some part of your brain gives them a place in your dreams. Now you know that you cannot dream without a brain. You have a brain that actually generates dreams for you. It is not necessary that the brain should be fully functional. It may be a useless part. But still dreams come out of it.

I do dream. Many times these dreams form a perfect environment for my sleep. Whenever I get dreams it is usually followed by a good sound sleep. I feel refreshed the next day. that is why I love it when I get dreams. You can also try it yourself. If you are insomniac then this may prove to be a cure for you. I cannot guarantee you though.

I feel that dreams act as a barrier between your real life and the life you want. So when you see the life you want you’ll be happy and relaxed. That will in return gift you a nice sleep. This is my simple theory based on my experience. I used to be an insomniac. But these dreams and my new job helped me to get through this. There is a variety of dreams that you see. I’ll talk about that in my next post in this series.

Think Nonsense…

Thank You for Giving Problems

Problems are part of  our life. There is no way anyone can escape from problems. If you try to escape from one problems, soon you’ll find yourself involved in another. This is perpetual process. Best way is to face them and get ready for another. Though there are times when it’s better to run away than to face the problem. Something similar is happening with me.

Out of all, job problems are the most prominent problems and they in turn lead to all gm,contractor other problems. It’s best to solve these problems first otherwise you’ll see problems everywhere. I did the crime of ignoring the problems. I just went ahead with my work and thought hard work will solve all the problems. I guess I was wrong this time.

I was a bit depressed after bring fired by some moron. He is from client side and is the root of all problems on site. But now I have reached the height of my patience. I can’t tolerate him anymore. On the hand I got this beautiful message from the GM of Contractor side. He is a good experienced fellow and talks to the point and is sharp.

He told me that I should thank him from giving problems. It is due to such moments you’ll be able to tackle peoples or morons like this. Getting depressed or tense will not solve the problems. It would only help such people to press you more. Try to tackle him. Such generous words always lift you. I love to work with experienced persons like this GM. Let’s see what’s happens next.

Point of view

point of view

Just like humans, who have different way to look at same thing, Animals also possess this power. Above photo is just one of the examples. Now check out for the cat in your house. If you see a mouse in your house you’ll kill it and throw it. But if the cat sees that mouse then cat will look at it as it’s potential breakfast,lunch or dinner.

Now think what does your pet think about you?

Till you find the answer…
Think Nonsense…

How To Get Serious

After the frustrated story of nobody thinks I am serious, I thought of writing this guide. This guide is to help all those who are facing similar problems. There is a cure for this disease but it takes time and some effort. The advice below is completely free of cost and free to use by anyone for personal or commercial purpose.

1) When you wake up in the morning look into the mirror. The creature in the mirror should be familiar, may be horrible or funny. But don’t waste your energy by giving him a smile. It’s your bad habit to give him a flying kiss or giving a great smile. Don’t do that.
2) Whenever you are in a party and there is laughter bomb just count 10 to 1. This is an old theory worked out for controlling anger. It works the other way also. For those who don’t know to count 10 to 1, join a nursery.
3) Join a laughter club. Do everything others do except stretching a single muscle on your face. This may also grab some attention to you. You may get some friends as well.
4) Watch everything about Mr.Beans. Just don’t forget the 10 to 1 count.
5) Subscribe to all the funny newsletters, news groups, yahoo groups, blogs, websites, etc. Don’t miss a single e-mail from these and the 10 to 1 count also.

And finally don’t be alone. Always be with someone. If you stay alone or get a single moment where you are alone you’ll take out all the laughter which you suppressed so far. I expect you to be honest in your toilet and bathroom. This is a serious post and don’t take it lightly. If you laughed at any instance while reading till now, then you don’t deserve to be serious.

Till you get serious…
Think Nonsense…