Feeling Pregnancy

Something stupid title. I was watching some random channel. I do this when I’ve nothing to do. And I changed to another random channel and this story came up. Anything that involves sex and girls we always take a special interest. Atleast I do. My ears touched the TV speakers and eyes wide open for this news. I was shocked…

17 girls from a school in Gloucester (It’s difficult to remember and pronounce), pledged together to become pregnant. And they did what they said. Woman of words… Truly they did what they said. All the girls were minor and under 16 years of age. The question arises who got the idea and why they wanted to be pregnant??? I couldn’t find answer to this.

Recently in December a film named Juno was released which had some similar issue. I’ve watched the film. Film was not bad. But is this the impact of the film?? Remember the old times, We used to copy our elders or someone on TV. These girls may have become fans of Ellen. And tried to imitate what she did. Thats terrible.

I remember when I was young I used to imitate Superheros and Monkeys. I used to jump all around and do what I see on TV. Sometimes I also hurt myself imitating. This TV thing has a lot of impact on young minds. They do what they see, what they watch, what they hear. So be careful while giving freedom of watching.

In case you like to read the news and haven’t heard of it, Then find it here. I wonder why they don’t pledge like we’ll score 100% marks this exam. Getting pregnant seems easy but they’ll come to know when they have to take care of the baby. The same baby who will cry at midnight, Pee on them, Make their favorite dress dirty. I don’t expect mature thinking from someone less than 16 year. But I do from their parents.

Think Nonsense…

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  1. Hello,
    I too must commend you for blogging on this. the problem in this country, and others, is the parents don’t have time to parent! so, they let the TV, computer, and other sources of “entertainment” keep there kids busy.
    I am a father, and a grandfather. I believe in kids going outside and playing. I also think that children should be held accountable for what they do.
    This is a prime example of children having to much time on there hands.

  2. Thats a problem in India also. So it was another reason to write. Lately there is high increase in casual sex which is somewhat related to above. 🙁

    I’ll do the link exchange. 😉

  3. Dude, well said!! I must complement you on taking this and writing it in your blog!! I really feel sad for those ignorant girls! Mahn,.. fucking is easy but taking care of children is not !!

    Dude, if you care to exlink check my blog and leave a comment!

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