Truth. It’s bitter. Well almost most of the times. We stay away from truth as it always lead to pain. I was watching a Marathi drama “Yada-Kadachit”. It was a fun filled drama and contained the PJ’s which somehow made me laugh. The presentation was good and so was the idea. The characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata were mixed and the story emerged. But what strike me was the ending. It created many questions in my mind. Although I think nonsense but some sensible thoughts do come. You’ve to believe miracles do happen.

The ending raised a question. We all know that whatever may happen, In the end truth always wins. Now why does the truth wins always in the end?? This question was asked.
“In the end Truth always wins”
And the same sentence I’ve heard in many films, read in newspapers, blogs but the question never raised in my mind. It can be understood though such sensible things have no place in my mind. Have you ever been strike by this question?? I’ve never heard of any comments regarding this. Why truth never wins from start?? Why it has to wait till the end?? And bear all the pain only to see that there is little left for happiness.

Why do we take the help of lies to protect ourself?? Because it’s painful? We are not ready to feel the pain but ready to speak lies. They take us away from pain. All of us know that the lies always end sometime and the truth reveals some or the other day. Still the path of the lies is our first choice.

After reading this nonsense you may be in a confused mindset. So I’ll end this entry here and post the remaining some other time.

Think Nonsense..

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