Why do we have Nicknames?

Piggy chops, Bebo, chi-chi, ash, abhi, Big B, SRK, Jlo, Scarjo, Brangelina and so on. These words seem to be meaningless. They are. But while reading this you’ll ignore their meaninglessness(Wow!! What a word.. :w00t: ). That’s because you know these are the nicknames of celebrities. You will laugh at anyone else using these names if they weren’t celebrity nicknames. Is that the purpose of nicknames? To give others reason to laugh at you?

I’ll start with myself. (I talk a lot of things about myself on this blog.. Guess what? It’s my personal blog turned to nonsense. :pinch: ) I have a lot and lot of nicknames. Unlike most, I consider nicknames as gifts and as a measure. It is the measure of how much people around you love you. What they feel about you. The nick by which I write on this blog is about nine years old now. I got it when I was in Higher Secondary. I was known by that name to some friends. But my most used nick is Gullu. It sounds funny. But almost 90% of my friends call me by that name instead of my real name.

I’ll tell you one funny incident. I was new to orkut and was sending requests to friends by their e-mail ID’s. One of the friends replied, “Who are you? I don’t know you.” :dizzy:
I was a bit surprised and replied him as Gullu. Only then he was able to recognize me. I will never forget that incidence where my nick name superseded real name. After that whenever I sent a request I wrote Gullu in brackets besides my real name. This name is stuck to me like a birthmark.

Nick names are meaningless but for me they are priceless. My ears are always eager to hear Gullu rather than my real name. It shows love. Those who are in love will know this. Their GF or BF call each other by a lot of nicknames. Silly nicknames. Almost every person on this earth will have one nick name at least. However idiotic it may sound, just accept it(Exclusive of Bad words). Let the people laugh at you. You are the reason to spread smiles. :biggrin:

Till your nick lasts..

Think Nonsense…

Fans of Heath Ledger

After watching The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger gained a lot of fans around the world. It was not just early death sympathy. His unforgettable performance was the main factor. Many of his fans try to imitate his best performance. Yes, the Joker. And his fans list is not limited to humans. Here are his two fans who watched The Dark Knight. Now they try to put a smile on our face. They sure succeed. :biggrin:

Heath Ledger fan

Heath Ledger fan

Why do we think??


Ever wondered about this? Ever got a question like  this? Probably never. But I get this question when I am idle. I am still trying to find the best answer to this question. When you are idle, it is the time when you get so many question and it happens that you don’t have answers to them. You are desperate to find the answers. There are some silly questions also which you don’t put forward as you are afraid of being called an idiot or may be a retard.

So what do you do then? My bad habit of being restless till I find the answer still exists. So I start looking for the probable answer. One of the first answers is that our brain loves to think. So it cannot stop the process of thinking. You can say that the love is Romeo and Juliet kind of love. There is no certain topic or certain area of thinking. It is random and happens unknowingly most of the time.

The second answer is rather scientific. There was this doctor named Dr. No who did a research on this topic and finally he died of thinking too much about “Why do we think??Before dying he wrote the results in a diary. It took months and lots of efforts by the handwriting experts to understand and recreate the results. It said that there becomes some chemical imbalance in our brain which evokes the neurons creating impulses which picks up random words we know and generates a random sentence. This sentence then becomes thought. It was quiet clear that Dr. No was deeply researching and had lost his mind. Continue reading →


Truth. It’s bitter. Well almost most of the times. We stay away from truth as it always lead to pain. I was watching a Marathi drama “Yada-Kadachit”. It was a fun filled drama and contained the PJ’s which somehow made me laugh. The presentation was good and so was the idea. The characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata were mixed and the story emerged. But what strike me was the ending. It created many questions in my mind. Although I think nonsense but some sensible thoughts do come. You’ve to believe miracles do happen.

The ending raised a question. We all know that whatever may happen, In the end truth always wins. Now why does the truth wins always in the end?? This question was asked.
“In the end Truth always wins”
And the same sentence I’ve heard in many films, read in newspapers, blogs but the question never raised in my mind. It can be understood though such sensible things have no place in my mind. Have you ever been strike by this question?? I’ve never heard of any comments regarding this. Why truth never wins from start?? Why it has to wait till the end?? And bear all the pain only to see that there is little left for happiness.
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