Daisy The Curly Cat

I am late with today’s blog review. Many of you may have already visited here for the new blog which I am going to review. At least my counter says so. The problem was my ISP and then I had to upgrade the WordPress. Lets keep that aside and start the review. Today’s blog is a bit different. This was first of it’s kind I found. Later on I discovered some more. This is a blog about a cat. A cats diary. Can you imagine?? Looking at the blog I was sure the author must be a lady. I was right. Confirmation needed though. The blog I am talking about is Daisy The Curly Cat.

I stole that image from the blog. 👿 Hope she doesn’t mind. I was amazed by the thought of a cats diary. After reading the posts you’ll feel that actually a cat writes there. It’s so real. Illustrated with the help of great pictures the story actually comes live. You feel the story. Reading the about me I got some info about the cat which went over my head. May be it’s a type of species. Cats name is Daisy. I don’t have to tell this now.

Pictures are the plus point of the blog. This blog will fail if the pictures are not posted. And I am sure about this. The author surely is crazy. She runs after the cat to actually take the picture in that pose and then write a story about that. That needs a lot of patience. Getting the cat to pose in a position she wants. I have tried photography. And know the importance of patience there.

Pictures blended with good words always create good stories. After reading any post you’ll come to know that author knows how to blend the pictures with words that suit them. They are stories mind you and not just captions. This blog is a popular one and is well maintained for almost last two years. This has created a good archive size. Whenever you are bored just jump into the archive to have some laughs.

The blog has a simple layout. No background and a simple header picture which actually suits the blog. The sidebars look cluttered and the archive is kept at bottom. When you have a large archive keep it at top. It creates an impression that you are a good writer. The cluttered sidebars makes the blog load slow. Add to it the pictures. I said pictures are big plus of this blog but they make this blog load slow. Good thing is that pictures are hosted on blogger itself. You get to see similar blogs through the blogroll in sidebar. Another plus for this blog. All in all good to read blog and I have subscribed to it. 🙂

Blog: Daisy The Curly Cat
Author: Daisy (???)
Layout: 8/10
Content: 9/10
Readability: 8/10
Frequency: 10/10
Loading Time: 6/10
Total: 41/50

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