Upside Down

Are you yoga fan?? Do you do yoga?? There this “aasan” or position called “Shirshasan” where you have to upside down. Your head is at bottom and legs at top. All the load of your body is carried by your head.  I used to do it many times earlier but my touch with yoga is gone and now I cannot do that “aasan”. It is really difficult to train your part of body which is not supposed to do that.

When you are upside down, you see everything upside down. This line is for those who didn’t understand the first paragraph. When I used to do it earlier there was a watch hung on the wall infront of me. That was the day I came to know importance of time. But I always neglected it till entering my professional life. The clock ticks slowwwwwwly and makes you to say some bad words. The five minutes exercise takes 10 minutes or more than that there.

The upside down position helps your blood circulation and that too especially in brain. Your brain gets more blood and more oxygen making it more healthy and working. That is why I was a known scholar when I was doing this upside down exercise. Since the years I stopped it I have become dumb and dumber only to start a Nonsense blog.

It is really funny  to try to do things upside down. Try to read a paper when you are upside down. You can experience a bit similar experience by holding the paper upside down. But that is when you are really busy. Otherwise your reason will be that you are lazy and I can’t do that. It’s difficult to comment in such situation.

Apart from the position, there are many things that go upside down. Like a travelling ship or an airplane. There may be some point where your life goes upside down. Don’t panic. Just look at the watch  and you’ll have sometime left in that position. Just wait for that time and your life becomes eay..

Think Nonsense…

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