Can you say Condom???

Condom Condom

Almost a month now. Around that time a ring tone was released by BBC world service trust just to spread AIDS awareness. This ring tone is cappella. I came to know about this word for the first time. Before you google it I’ll give you the meaning of that word. It means a song in which there is no instrument involved. It is just vocal and human voice. Don’t expect dogs to sing.

Since it’s release it has been downloaded thousands of time. I wonder how many of those downloads are just for show off. In other words just to keep the ring tone as a part of fun and use it for some laughter. I doubt that all will set that as a ring tone which is for a purpose and that is to spread AIDS awareness. Continue reading →

That silly PageRank

Just when I thought I will be blogging for fun from next month onwards I get this change. I was always looking towards that page rank for a long while and didn’t check it for last 15 days. Today I saw many posts and bloggers talking about this. So I just checked my blogs rank. And guess what I got PR3. Just imagine PR3 for nonsense. I cannot stop laughing.

The frustrations of traffic were all around me through this month. But some comments from fellow bloggers changed my mind.I was going to make this announcement anyway. from next month onwards it’ll be blogging for fun. I’ve been trying to give professional touch to my blog by getting traffic, changing templates, the SEO things and all that stuff. Now most of the things stop here. Continue reading →

High on Highway

I was trying to think of a good title to the post. The above title is a short story in a movie which consist of ten stories put together. No need to guess that the movie turned out to be a mess. Unlike the movie I don’t want this post to be a mess. It is about drinking alcoholic drinks and finding yourself lying somewhere near the gutters.

Have you got drunk anytime? If you have then you’ll know the good feelings behind such incidence. I am suddenly talking about this is because I heard a talk related to this yesterday. (And you were thinking I am drunk too??) I thought of writing about this. Who knows if someone reads this and changes his mind and stops drinking. That would lessen the stress on alcoholic rehabilitation centers. (I got that right after some practice.) Continue reading →

Heroes – Season 3

While I was sleeping the third wave begun. I was really keen for this wave. The interest for this series started last season. I live in India so the season was not aired simultaneously. I didn’t knew about this stuff till the time I decided to download whole season one. I watched something 9 of 11 episodes from the last season. They were great.

Few days ago I completed the two seasons download. Thanks to torrent. They are huge and it took days to complete them. Looking at the first season episode number, I doubt I’ll ever complete watching that stuff. It needs time and patience. I have patience but time is a thing I can’t afford. I’ll try to watch that. In fact I have already completed two episodes. Continue reading →

Lovestory 2050 – Is it so rubbish??

While sleeping on bed I had nothing much to do other than sleeping. To kill time I was tracking the path of the mosquitoes and trying to visualize the curves. Then I put these examples in my twelfth  class(In my dreams) to equation with the help of integrals. I have lost my dominance over integration and limits after my college. It seems there is no way back.

This movie Lovestory 2050 was lying for some days on my hard disk. I was hesitating to watch this due to many reviews and negative comments. But I have to. C’mon it’s got Priyanka. So I started and soon realized why this received so much booos(it’s “s” and not “z”).  Because there is a pet robot named boo in this film. I thought I’ll get my headache back and my fever will start again. I managed till the half. Then it was a bit easy.

I liked the plot of the story. But the screenplay is total mess. It is too much stretched with unnecessary events in the start. Most of you will get bored up during this time. I was about to but there was presence of Priyanka which was eye soothing. What else can make you resist the nuisance of screenplay? Our hero Harman does dance well. But fails in dialog delivery. Learn some acting. Go to some acting school. Continue reading →