Do You Think I’m Stupid

Note:- There is no question mark in the title.

Once upon a time in heaven, In the manufacturing unit of human beings, a faulty piece was manufactured. The head of Q.C. department rushed to God with the problem.
Q.C: God, there is a problem with one piece.
God: So what? Send it to repair unit. Repair it and deliver.
Q.C: It’s irreparable God. Only you can repair it if you want.
God: What’s the problem?
Q.C: Our worker accidentally gave extra dose of stupidity to that piece. It’s best to turn it into an ass.
God: What?
Q.C: Sorry God. Donkey..
God: Let me check.
After checking that piece..
God: Deliver it.
Q.C: But God…
God: Sometime we need to set new goals, new heights so that we can look at them and push ourselves to conquer those. While doing so we often make mistakes. Those mistakes remind us of what we should not do. This child is gifted with stupidity. It will always remind you not to make such piece again. Now quickly deliver it. I won’t be able to handle this menace.

That piece was a boy born on this very day and is the same person who wrote this post. I am very happy for what I am. People call me stupid. They call me idiot. They call me by all the animal names which have this peculiar characteristics. But I am still happy. That is because I am different. So what I am stupid? I accept it. Unlike some of you who cannot accept the fact.

Today is the day, those workers in heaven celebrate as “Blunder’s Day”. They haven’t manufactured a single defective unit since then. The worker who manufactured me, died of heart attack after I was delivered. I feel sad for him. But anyway, this day is special for me. I came into this world.

This world gave me a lot of good things in spite of me being stupid. As expected by God, I was a menace in my childhood. But my parents handled me. So for me, they are beyond this God entity.

I don’t have anything more to say. Just as I accepted what I am, Try it yourself. You’ll be very happy. Because in this world, the more you laugh… The more stupid you are.

I hope you get what I was trying to say.
Till you get it…
Think Nonsense…

Small Belly, Big Belly

Time: 3.00pm
Location: The hall of my house where I am sitting on a chair with both my legs up. It’s a mystery how I got this habit of sitting.
Channel: Some random channel which was airing Munnabhai MBBS.
Scene: The scene where Munna asks Circuit to bring a dead body so that he can understand dissection properly. I doubt any of Medical student will bring a special body to understand what he is studying. You need to take interest and have a strong will, motivation to study. Circuit looks around and his eyes catch a Chinese fella.
Circuit to Chinese: Come on. I’ll show you Tajmahal, Kutubminar and all..
Chinese: No. I want to see real India. Poor People, Hungry People.

I have one question to ask. Why India is synonymous to “Poor People Hungry People”?? Who said there are poor and hungry people only in India? Why the media, especially television, display false information to the whole world? One film capturing the poverty in particular part of India won Oscar. Not just one but eight of them. Every news channel aired reviews, shows, special features regarding that movie. I agree that the movie was good. But someone should have featured the wrong side of the road. Continue reading →