Finding signal in the noise

It was Sunday. I was driving through some remote areas. Got bored of listening to same songs from my USB drive. So I thought of tuning to FM. I selected the source as FM. What I don’t like about this Car stereo is that it doesn’t come with a manual. So I don’t know how to save these FM channels. Hence I pressed the search button.
It stopped and what I hear is noise. Try #2..
It stopped and noise again. Try #3..
It stopped. Some music with lot of noise in it. I fine tuned the channel and I get clear sound.

So what defines this noise? Consider above example. Till I hear a RJ or a song, whatever that falls on my eardrums is noise. Is that it? That is noise? I am a Rock fan but I don’t like Death Metal. It’s too loud and I consider it as noise. Similarly, anyone who doesn’t like Rock will consider it as noise. It’s unbearable to ears. I even heard someone saying, “They sell noise now a days unlike the music they used to sell in past”. I can only conclude that noise is undefined.

In a crowded market lot of signals come together and form noise. In such a place, a call from your friend is signal to you. Your reply is signal to your friend. But unknowingly you both contributed to noise. Our lives are crowded, Crowded heavily. We often misinterpret signal as noise. We never try to “fine tune” to get clear signal. Misunderstanding, differences, clashes are the results of lack of “fine tuning”.

Hey!!! that “thing” is broken. It’s not my fault. It’s not sending clear signals.
Yeah. That’s a good reason.

Noise always exists. When you don’t get a signal, you have noise. And when you get a signal, the noise is still there. Only thing is you are ignoring it.

Till you find the signal in noise…
Think Nonsense…

In The Summertime

It’s Summertime. The best time to spend in Goa. For most of the locales, it’s the time to fill their pockets for the rest of the year. Not just locales, but the people from the other states who have succeeded in invading the seashore business. Apart from seashore business, they have also progressed in crime scene in Goa. It’s a shame for Goans. They shouldn’t have allowed outsiders to top the crime scene at least.

There is no Law and Order in Goa. There is only Love and Disorder. Everyone gets his cut from the seashore business. The hierarchy is maintained. As long as your pockets are full, you don’t care about the happenings.

So I was on Baga beach. It’s the best beach to enjoy the sea. Enjoying my Sun bath, Sea bath and providing vital nutrients to my eyes by admiring the beauty. That’s the most important part for males. The beauty of a completely wet woman is difficult to describe. At least I cannot find the right words. Blame my English vocabulary  if you want. The foreigners are the highlights of beaches. Those who come to visit Goa, their intention is to watch the firangi bodies in bikinis or may be less than that. Well… These firangis help in the economic growth of Goa.
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