Learn to focus

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
– Mark Twain

As a normal day he was walking on the road. But he was focused. His neck was turned 90 degree to the right and he was walking straight. In such a particular situation often a pole comes in between and hits the head. That’s a normal thing. Since it was a normal day this normal thing happened. Ouchhh… He quickly got up and started walking forward in same manner. A dog’s tail can never be straightened. He was strongly focused.

And Ouchhh.. again. But this time a woman dashes into him and the ouchhh comes from her mouth. She looks at him, he looks at her. She walks away. He quickly realizes that he needs to focus and looks to right. Runs forward and she is gone. So he lost two woman’s. One due to lack of focusing and one he never tried to focus. This is the reason I am telling you guys, learn to focus.

Now what should I do to focus. How can I focus more and effectively?? Is such thing possible?? I am telling you as an expert (which I am not supposed to be). These tips will help you to focus and get more out of life. When it comes to the word focus you normally want to do yoga. Go ahead and do yoga. It is good for health. But to increase the power of your focus you need to watch a baseball match and not to miss the cheerleaders. This is an exercise. When you have the ability to differentiate all cheerleaders within no time and at the same time you know the scores too, you have passed. Confused?? I told you to focus.

Now the next thing is to do a fast. Not for the whole day but just for ten hours (I said just..). Now focus on something. You need something to concentrate during this fast. So best way is to go spiritual way. Take the name of God almighty. While you are on a fast you can smell all types of food that is made around. You can actually identify many of the ingredients in it. But what are you doing?? You are going out of focus. Ok then instead of God almighty focus on the pizza that you’ll eat after the fast. That is easy.

When you get success in both of this e-mail me for the next level of exercises. You’ll probably get a quick reply in a week or so. Currently I am totally focused on writing random articles. Wasting energy on random thoughts is not good. So I am converting those random thoughts into posts. Till the next random thought..

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