When My Friend Slapped Me

It was a dark night. Clock on my table telling me it’s 1:00 am. In past few months, this is my normal time to go to sleep. Especially after I was addicted to twitter. Thanks to my BSNL connection, I found a cure to this addiction. The positive side of sleeping late is that you fall asleep almost instantly. Otherwise I have to start a playlist of some selected “slow” songs.

Moments later I hear a sound of door being opened. Nah.. This can’t be. I make sure all doors and windows are closed before lying on bed. That’s because I hate to get up for any reason after that. Another sound of something falling on floor. I could hear my heart pumping blood. I switched on the night lamp. I saw my book shelf open and a book on the floor. That book started walking towards me. It jumped from the floor to my bed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Totally shocked. My eyes and mouth open.
Book: Close your mouth. You have bad breath.
Me: (Closed my mouth) But I brushed three hours back.
Book: Then you don’t know to brush properly.
Me: look who is talking? A book with no teeth.
Book: Don’t argue with me. You are not good at arguing. And I have not come to give lessons on personal hygiene.
Me: Then what for?
Book: Do you remember me? Recognize me?
Me: Of course. You are the reason for my reading habit. The book that first changed my way of looking at the gray scale life.
Book: Did you forgot what you promised to yourself?
Me: What promise? Promises are meant to be broken.
Me: What the heck!! How dare you slap me?
Book: I have the right to do so. Now.. Do you remember your promise?
Me: Yes. I promised to myself that I’ll read at least two books a month. No excuses.
Book: Good. Then why you broke your promise? You haven’t read any book for last five months. You had a lot of spare time in these months.
Me: I couldn’t find a good book to read.
Book: (Another Slap) From when you started judging books? No book is good or bad. What matters is you take something from the book. Every book offers that “something”. Read a book you haven’t read. That’s all you have to do.
Me: Things have changed my friend. I cannot concentrate like I used to. Every time I start reading a book my mind starts exploring another world.
Book: And that is the reason you need to read books. You stopped trying and you have started giving up
easily. I cannot let that happen to you. I have just slapped you twice but if needed I’ll give you more.
Me: Ok. Ok. I understand. You could have explained that to me without slapping.
Book: I could have. But you don’t understand until you are slapped. Now I’ll go back to shelf. But I’ll return if you don’t keep the promised. This time I’ll come with “Theory of Structure – Ramamrutham”. Imagine him slapping you.
Me: OMG! I won’t forget this time. But just tell me one thing before you leave. Is this my imagination? Do I need a treatment or something? Coz look.. I am talking to a book.
Me: Everyone talk to books. What do you think they do when they are reading book? You call it reading but actually, you are talking to that book.
The book turns back. Jumps down to floor and again to the shelf. Door closes.

I pinched myself. It wasn’t a dream.

Finally Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

It’s been almost a year or so when I last upgraded my wordpress.  Main reason behind this laziness was that I was not having any problems with the version I was using, WP 2.8.3. I wasn’t much worried about the security as my blog was not a rich and famous types. Only one hacking attempt in last two years. Also the features which WordPress 3.0 boasts.. I don’t need them. At least for now.

So why did I upgrade? I upgraded just to make myself feel that I live in year 2010. That’s it. If you are a hardcore wordpress fan then you probably want to punch me in my face. But that’s the truth. I was much disappointed with the wordpress 3.0 beta. What I expected in wordpress 3.0 was that it shouldn’t be considered as a mere blog script. It should be a full fledged CMS. At present you need special themes designed for wordpress to look as a CMS\portal. I expected this to be in built in wordpress 3.0. Imagine if someone wants a website for his guitar store. Not to sell but just to showcase what they sell. He cannot afford a web designer and he doesn’t have enough knowledge to built a website. All he knows is wordpress. You believe it or not,but wordpress is so designed that anyone can use it.

But sadly, wordpress is a blog script. You can’t turn it into a simple website. This is what I expected. there should have been an option to display wordpress as traditional website. This would have been a revolution. I am sure, most of the small scale websites would switch to wordpress.

That said, I am still happy with the progress of wordpress. In coming days, I expect it to meet the requirements of common user.

For those who don’t know what have changed in wordpress 3.0, here is the changelog.