The Wrath Of The Hellfires

Remember guys waiting for two years to find out why kattappa killed Bahubali? I had to wait for almost 3 years for the conclusion of this series. The wait was painful but now that I have read the final book in the series, it was worth it. 

Vikramaditya Veergatha #4

Devas and Asuras continue planning and plotting to snatch the Veeshada dagger which contains Halahal. Both failed to acquire the dagger in spite of attacking Ujjayani multiple times. The Navratnas are still unaware of their full potential but they are ready to face anyone to protect their city and its citizens. The enemies underestimated the Navratnas under the leadership of Vikramatitya. Will they continue to do so? What happens to the dagger and Halahal? What happens to the feud between Vikramatitya and Kalidasa and Vararuchi? Read this final book in the series to find out. All the questions have been answered.

What I really like about the book.. 
This last book in the series is unputdownable. Just like the previous ones. The language and the way it’s written is beautiful. I felt that the author has achieved mastery in storytelling. I would be disappointed if he doesn’t publish a book every year or two. The chapters are long and thus switching between the narrative is not irritating like previous books in the series. The whole series doesn’t twist the Bharatiya cultural figures in a disrespectful way. I have read so many books on “Indian Mythology” genre where the author did such a criminal act. This series might be the only exception. There is no commentary on discrimination in Bharat or lectures on caste system. There is no pseudo feminism which has also become a common exploit for writers in this genre. There is magic. There is action. There is drama and a hint of love. This is pure fiction that will only entertain you throughout the book and the series. And closures. I am sucker for them. There is closure to every sub plot which I hadn’t expected considering the size of the book. 

What I didn’t like.. 
This is 556 pages book which should have been a bit fatter. There were some sequences in climax which were cut short. The infighting between kingdoms have been sidelined. If you carefully notice, the Navratnas never realized their full potential which is supposed to be the core of the story. Throughout the climax, I was waiting for Vikramatitya to say something like Navratnas Assemble on the lines of Avengers Assemble which would have been high point for a fanboy. 😀

Everything said, I recommend not just this book but the whole series. I am waiting for publishers to release box pack of the series signed by the author. By far, this is the best series I have read in any genre. Beg, borrow, steal. But read this whole series.