Film Festival Week

The whole week was pretty fun. I got lots of time in this week. i utilized almost all of it to watch the films I had on my HDD for a month or two. Also it included some new films also. I don’t want to review all of them and convert my blog into film review blog. It’s better to keep more nonsense here. So I’ll just write synopsis and what I liked in the films I saw. Will be in brief. I am not a film critic paid to write a long review.

Michael Clayton : It is a different film altogether. A film focused on life of lawyer is worth watching. There are real tragedies that happen in life of a good lawyer. If they are put together in a good manner then it creates a really good story. This was one of the story. Though it is kind of thriller it doesn’t have the speed. That is one of the minus point. Dialogs are good and our hero acted good. I’ll rate it 8/10.
What Happens In Vegas: Cameron Diaz film. All I expect is her to act as aimless, doesn’t care of the world, a menace kind of girl. I was right. She is actually in her real life also. So it was not acting but herself on the screen. It looked perfect role for her. I cannot say a good movie also. There are times when you start yawning while watching. There are some emotional moments which lift up the film. Especially towards the end. I’ll rate it 6/10.
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na : Hyped.. That was the first word when I saw the movie. There is nothing new in the movie other than the cast. Only one song I liked and that was obviously Kabhi kabhi…The other highlight was Pappu can’t dance. Comapred with the “Papa Kehate hain”. No comparison at all. Genelia has repeated such roles in many films. Watch Boys, Bommarilliu, Sanotsh Subramanium and you’ll come to know. So there was nothing new to her. Imran did good for a newbie. But still need to learn acting and dancing too. The two other khan brother look pretty odd in their roles. But make you giggle. I’ll rate this 6.5/10.

Singh Is Kinng : hindi films are doing brainless comedies. This is just one of them. There was the opening scene when the don jumps from building to catch the shooter. Looks like he is always ready with a parachute to jump. Where did that came from?? I came to know another skil of Akshay Kumar. He is good at catching hen (Or the cock. ahem ahem..). Another film which involves head injury at start and then a fall from staircase brings don to normal. Katrina seems to dance more than act in the film. And my my… She looks hot in Saree also. It tried to copy Munnabhai. But not successful. A pretty good timepass film. Use and throw. I’ll rate it 5.5/10.
Bachna Ae Haseeno : When I saw the trailers I knew it is trying to copy Definitely Maybe, One of the best film I saw this year. It was a bit different than this. When the movie started I was confused whether I was watching DDLJ or Bachna Ae Haseeno. Ranbir is all lucky to get kiss from the three girls. Who said Imran Hashmi is Kissing God? Even he didn’t got a chance to kiss three girls in one film. Film is pretty simple and boring in first half. The second half looks good. That is something new. Ranbir tried to act well and justify all the three ages he wanted to protray. He succeeds to an extent. The three Blondes do the good job. Nothing much for acting. Songs are good but could have been better. Throughout the story I kept wondering where are Raj’s parents?? Other than a call to his mom there is no other mention. Is that a good script?? I’ll rate this 6.5/10. (The extra 1.5 for the kisses) 😉
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull : I haven’t seen earlier movies. But was interested in watching this. A good adventure story to take you back in time. Harrisson ford was everything in the story. Since it is of adventure genre it is very speedy. Jeeps flying and falling from waterfalls, the caves with all spider webs, there are those old noise making traps due to lack of oil and grease. Till the climax I was wondering how there is no alien in Steven Spielberg’s film? Oh… There come the creatures from mars. There is one scene in the film where junior jones uses a snake as a rope. He couldn’t find one from which is swung just moments after like a tarzan. All in all good film. I’ll rate it 7/10.
Thank You For Smoking : This is really good film. A must watch in my point of view. Just when I was thinking when will I get a another good film to watch, I got this. Nick is vice president of Academy of Tobacco studies and he needs to prove every time that tobacco is not bad for health. And he does that very effectively. The dialog and storyline are totally different. There is plenty of humor element also. Go get it and watch it. Especially if you are debater. I’l rate this 8/10.
In Bruges : Just in morning today I watched this film. Beatifully crafted fim in a location lige Bruges. That’s in Belgium. You didn’t knew that?? So do I. So these two hitmans kill a priest and hide in Bruges. Ray accidentally kills a little boy while doing this. The whole story moves around this guilt then. All the actors did well. Moving at decent speed you will surely like this film. There is fun element in the form of midgets (I had only heard of widgets so far). He is one of the dwarfs. A must watch. I’ll rate this 8/10. The third film to be rated this much by me.

That was really long post. Let’s see who reads this much long post. I gotta go for my lunch now. Tired of typing. xD

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