A Trip to Bangalore

By my previous post you know that I have plenty of free time. So I thought of using this time for good. Using this time to explore some places where I haven’t been and always wanted to go. I chose to visit Bangalore, The IT city. Since I am much interested in that field and also heard a lot about the beauty of Bangalore.

There are lots of places to visit in Bangalore. So I created a list of places of my interest and the places which I’ll be visitng this time.

  • Lalbagh Gardens : One of India’s most beautiful botanical gardens. It was laid out by Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan in the 18th century.
  • Cubbon Park : This beautiful park, which spreads over 300 acres in the heart of the city, serves as the lung space of the evergrowing Banglore city. Designed by Lt. General Sir Mark Cubbon, in 1864, is dotted with beautiful statues, flowering trees, fountains and a library its midst.
  • Aquarium : A variety of exotic fishes are the attraction in this diamond shaped Aquarium, which is at the enterance of the Cubbon Park.
  • Dodda Basavanna Temple : The gigantic image of the celestial bull, Nandi, which stands at 4.57 meters. in height, is a classic example of Dravidian architecture.
  • Dodda Ganapathi Temple : Since I have a lot of faith in Lord Ganesha this is must for me. A huge monolithic statue of Gapnapati, which attracts thousands of devotees every day. One of the oldest temples of Bangalore.
  • Musical Fountain : Another attraction opposite the planetarium is the musical fountain and its dancing waters. The Bangalore Palace: Modeled after the Windsor Palace, this beautiful granite palace was built by the Wodeyars, the erstwhile rulers of Mysore.

Now that I made the plan, I thought of searching for Hotels in Bangalore. At this point I stumbled upon Accor Hotels City Super Sale. I am damn lucky that they have a sale going on. Travellers will be able to take advantage of savings of up to 60% when they book on-line between 23 – 29 June, for stays between July 10 and September 30, 2009. You can select Hotels from 27 cities across 10 conutries. I have selected Mercure Homestead Residences.  So I got what I wanted. Now time to pack my bags. 🙂


Joyful Detail to Gladden Your Soul

Human personality consists of two aspects – physical and moral and for keeping yourself in a good health condition and harmony it is quite necessary to take care of both – your body and your soul. There appear more and more interesting directions in keeping your body sound: basic medical examination, help of unusual medicine such as homeopaths or even something odd and mysterious like going to fortunetellers, who will try to see you through and decide if it is something wrong with you. For the body health also works the principle of health life – no fast food, daily exercises, more outdoor activity – unfortunately all this decent healthy thing are unpleasant and usually bring no joy. Without joy in our life we become stressed and more vulnerable to even small failures.

That is why to keep you emotional and psychological health in a good condition you have to gladden yourself or your loving person. It does not necessary mean that you have to go in for drugs or something bad, it only means that our life is actually full of interesting moments which we create ourselves, gifts are one of them. Making a gift for yourself or the person you love will surely raise your mood and moral condition. There are interesting gifts which will remain with you or your half during a long period of time – recalling pleasant memories and meanwhile serving as a very comfortable and needed thing. Watch can be such a present.

The majority of people associate watch with a pleasant attribute in person’s life, or sometimes, with a kind of necessary part of birthday present. Maybe you don’t have great amount of money to buy yourself luxurious watch, which you noticed and wanted for a long time? Now you have a solution – replica watch is what you need. Replica watch is the exact copy of the original famous brand watch (Omega replica) and replica watches are made of a qualitative material. Every detail is skillfully labored, that is why – no one will realize that you are wearing fake.

Nevertheless, replica watch can be a great and unexpected surprise, when they are given with no reason to a loving person. In our routine life we don’t have many opportunities to give nice gifts – only on birthdays or official celebrations. Isn’t it boring? When you want to gladden someone or actually yourself – you don’t have to wait until special occasion comes. Every day in our life can be a holiday.

Spice Up The Living Room

Living room is most important part of any house. It reflects how you live and what you are. Just neat and tidy room is not sufficient. The interiors are important too. Furniture being the heart of interior. That is why I started looking for some good furniture for my living room. It’s not much tidy and it’s small too. I wanted something which will add aesthetics to my living room and I stumbled upon Modern Living Room Furniture.

Sitting arrangement in the Living room is the first thing you’ll notice. That’s because you’ll have to seat in that room. :angel: Hence I started looking for sectional sofas which is the key ingredient to spice up living room. Modern sectional sofa provides various solutions to your needs. There are Leather sectional which are highly durable and must for those who have habit of spilling coffee. On the other side you have Fabric sectionals which are lighter on pockets.

The next thing in your living room is your Television. The size of the television is growing day by day and so it’s price. Modern TV Stand gives you variety of choice. Currently I own 29″ TV and may plan for a bigger one sooner or later. So I prefer console type stands which give me flexibility to change my television without having to change the stand. What’s more!! There are some consoles which come with free shipping. A great value.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse through the site and spice up your living room.

Bored of Facebook? Nahh….

I recently joined Facebook. It is supposed to be one of the best and high rated social networking website but I didn’t join for no reason. I did this to help Facebook to regain it’s value which is dipping as per market analysis. :angel: After joining Facebook, I sent all of the friends on Facebook request for friendship. That script peeked into my Gmail contacts to find friends. I didn’t like that. Anyways, I joined and no friends so what to do??

While exploring the Facebook I found Facebook applications. I could install applications and use them.  I could install games  and play them. These are called social games. So I started searching for Facebook games as I was bored on Facebook. While searching I found this game called Metropolis. This game is strategy game and I love strategy games. So this gathered some interest.

The game is very simple. I am mayor of a city and I have to build the city from scratch. I cannot become a mayor in real but at least virtually. 😀 You get to buy empty plots for certain amount and then you develop those plots. You get revenue and you have to pay taxes. Taxes don’t leave your back in virtual world also. Good thing is that you decide and set the taxes. Don’t set them too low in order to keep citizens happy.

You can raise the cultures as you want. You get beautiful landmarks as rewards. You decide the type of city you’ll build. Whether it’ll be wealthy or rich in culture. You can play on your own or combine play with other Facebook users. Easy to use interface, Simple way to display stats will make you  addicted to the game. If at all I become a mayor in future I will have thank to this game for teaching me how to become one.

You can check more of kramaley games, the maker of this game, for more Facebook games. Now  no reason to get bored.

UFO – Where to find them??

Science fiction writers so far have created numerous creatures and characters. Aliens are the prime subject when you say science fiction. So these characters are very interesting and almost everyone is attracted towards them. They are highly advanced creatures with state of art technology which is way ahead of ours. An these aliens travel within a spacecraft. I always wonder why they are mostly saucer shaped?

These spacecrafts often fly in our atmosphere. Aliens travel to Earth anonymously. These are the beliefs of many scientists and many of the fiction lovers. Everyday there is a news about UFO somewhere on this planet. UFO or the Unidentified Flying Objects. For the army of navy UFO may be an enemy plane. But for us it is a spacecraft.

It is interesting to read about such UFO’s. Is there any place where I can read about them? While searching I found this site which gathers feeds from all around the world about UFO. This site is UFO Seek. With a short synopsis and the link to the actual news this site provides plenty of UFO news. You can search through the old articles if you want. The front page displays only recent news related to UFO.

There is also news related to space. Here you find latest updates from the research centers which work on space like  NASA and ISRO. It is like one stop for all space related news.