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I am totally lazy today. It hurts to wake up early on Sunday. I had to wake up early due to the nature’s call. Then it was time to watch some movies. I’ll write about that in tomorrow’s post. Today it’s the blog review time. This weeks featured blog is The Eagle,The Lion and The Dove by Kimmysharinglight. That is the name of blog. Pretty long but you’ll remember it.

I have to use the word “Just”. This is just another blog which I am lucky to get to read. The “Just” is because I am getting good blogs to read now a days. I really liked this blog and will continue reading. As I mentioned in my earlier reviews that the pictures used in post spice up the post. Here is another good example of that. Author has used a picture in almost every post and it suits it.

Things I liked is the blog archive is good. But as most of the bloggers do, it is somewhere in the middle of the page. That is totally waste. Another thing I liked is the style of writing. It’s the new trend of blogs where author’s writes just enough. Similar to my type of writings. Who has patience to read long post?? Many even try to skim the post I write. One more plus is the use of sezwho. You get to know what peoples like by the ratings they give.

The layout is pretty simple. It can be improved. What I really didn’t liked is the length of the page. I cannot imagine that a blog’s start page displays 25 posts. That is way too much. A good number is 5-8 posts. You can make it smaller by use of “more” tags. Look at the sidebar. It contains too much of things. There are some writings in sidebar. Hello.. Sidebar is not a place for the thoughts. It’s for your blog’s promotion and links. Then there are tags. I don’t know why bloggers display so much tags in the sidebar.

Lot’s of scope to improve. Even though there are many negatives, I’ll still visit the blog. It is something you shouldn’t miss.

Blog: The Eagle,The Lion and The Dove by Kimmysharinglight
Author: Kimmy
Layout: 5/10
Content: 18/20
Readability: 4/5
Frequency: 10/10
Loading Time: 2/5
Total: 39/50

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