A difference in same type

Traveling by bus is fun. Not just bus but take any public means of transport. I can’t say about luxury travel. That is because I have never traveled in such. My traveling is mostly by bus. So I can tell you it’s really fun. You get to see many new people and strange people whom later on you can blog about. 😆 I get to see many of these. I have not started blogging about these different peoples. So I’ll start today.

Charity begins at home. Please don’t come to my house asking for this. I am not always available for this. So as I said charity begins at home let’s begin with me. I am, I was and I will always be different. Today I confirmed this. This incidence that happened is a small one and almost neglected by anyone. Since my eyes always keep looking for something, I couldn’t afford to neglect this.

Like everyday, I had to rush to the stop to catch my bus. Fortunately I was early and more fortunately I got a seat. That was a good start for the day. Just at the time of leaving an old woman entered the bus. A typical old woman in India is a bit fat and short. So she was one of them. Unfortunately for her all seats were full. Normally I am a good boy and I give my seat to old peoples. Not today.

I thought let’s see who else does what I do. She stood just besides me. I was eager to give her seat but controlled. Just then driver suddenly applied the brakes and she almost fell. I was still quiet. Like a statue. I was looking at passengers around me. Some looked at her and turned their heads. Those seating not even looked at her. To my surprise no one gave his\her seat to that woman. Now I lost it. I was about to give her my seat and the passenger besides me reached his stop. She got a seat. Looks like I am different.

I am different

It’s nice to be different. No one else gives seat to old people. I am the only one I feel. Is there someone human in those living muscles and bones??( I am more bones than muscles.) The thing I decided was to not do like this again. May be I will do this again. Just to check whether I am still different. Please God, excuse me for this mistake.

Just out of the curiosity, How many of you give your seats to old peoples when in bus or train??

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