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What should be this weeks blog?? That was the question for this week. The reason was not because I don’t have anything to feature, but because I get to read some good blogs and it becomes hard to pick which one is first. So I go the gentleman’s way. Ladies first. 🙂 This weeks blog is by a lady author who is over 40 years of age. She’s a grrl by the way. This is another blog which I could read just because of entrecard. I got the link from there.

Let’s start with the review. This blog is very simple. Many things here are kept simple and these add to the plus of the blog. In spite of reading some new entries and also some from achieve I was not able to get the theme of the blog. That doesn’t go in minus points. If you write good there is no need for some kind of theme. You can write randomly about anything you want. I started reading that way then

The problem was there. The writings are very short. There is hardly anything expressed. While reading every entry I was searching for a link that would say like “Read the rest of the entry” or “Continue Reading”. That is because the complete post looks like a synopsis. That hurts when you are looking forward for a blog to read about. There is a lot need to be improved on writing side. Just like what I need to do. 😛 This is another blog where pictures are used within posts. Just use is not going to do anything it should be appropriate. Author succeeds here. That is a plus.

When I visited this blog I was stunned by the archive size. Looks like there is plenty to read. You are disappointed when you come to know about the length of the posts. I deal length of the post is around 350-400 words. No one has time to read above that. Readers skim through when they see long posts. There is nothing to skim here though. It takes a long time to load the blog completely. Scoutle and flickr are to be blamed for this. Blog archive is at the bottom. May be there is a problem in the sidebar. If there is not than it looks odd to see the things at bottom. They should be in sidebar.

There is lot of scope to improve. Since the author can draw and take photos there is a whole lot of universe to write upon. If I was able to draw or take some good photos then I would have a lot of material to write upon. Author should think upon this.

From this week onwards I am giving more credits to content and it will be measured out of 20. The “Readability” and “Loading Time” will get 5 points each.
Blog: That Grrl
Author: Laura
Layout: 6/10
Content: 8/20
Readability: 3/5
Frequency: 9/10
Loading Time: 2/5
Total: 28/50

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  1. ooh.. nice review! I was finishing up my blogs today, and I found you. I clicked you because of your alien card. I have been watching WAY too much X Files since I saw the new movie. ( I want to believe). Some times I am very random and short on my blogs. I try to blog daily, but because I work full time, am a mom of a 17 yr old girl, and good wife, sometimes my blogs just share a snippet of where I am at. Like today. Have a great Monday!

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