As I see it

As per the schedule of blog theme posts this is my first one. I wanted a blog which is lesser know to others. That helps for the promotion of blog. So going through all my favorites list and bookmarks I ended up finding this blog. To be frank I am not a regular reader and he is not a regular blogger. 😉 So keeping this common thing in mind I felt of reviewing this blog.

The author of the blog is a guy named prateek and the blog is As I see it. Looking at the blog archive it’s three years old. The archive is small but contains good readings. He got a good humor. It is sprinkled all over his posts. The very common things are expressed in a different way. And that is the thing I look while reading blogs.

I just loved the blog design. It’s very simple and cool. Especially the color combination at the top. The are no disturbances in form of banners or ads. It’s completely clean. The sidebar shows top rated posts. And sincerely all are worth what they are rated. But there are two such rated posts. One at top and one at bottom. Don’t know which to follow. But by human nature I followed the top one.

So after reading the blog today I subscribed it. I am not worried about the clutter in my e-mail box. Because I am sure he won’t be posting an entry a day. I feel he should increase the number of posts. Now read As I see it. I mean to say…

Blog: As I see it
Author:Prateek Khurana
Layout: 8/10
Content: 8/10
Readability: 9/10
Frequency: 5/10
Loading Time: 9/10
Total: 39/50

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