Interpersonal Communication

Communication, as we all know, is the most important part in our life. Whatever we do is done through communication. Rather it be via post, or via telephone, or via personal meetings. But this communication is important. Nothing moves without this. And when you are on a job or especially a businessman, This skill is of utmost important.

The reason for yelling out above lines is the blog I came across. The blog named “Better Interpersonal Communication“. As the name suggest the blog features various aspects of Interpersonal Communication. And yes. It’s definitely Better Interpersonal Communication. After reading for a while I thought it’s a must visit for all. You’ll surely gain something of that reading.

The blog is based on the simplest template of blogger. As a blogger I visit many blogs and review them in comments or in some other sites. And I find many cluttered blogs. This is not. Things are nicely arranged and is balanced on both sides. It got some good sidebar links leading external sites. But loads quick as they are splited on both sides.

The archive is not big. But the topics covered make up for that. Right from start where you have topics like “Why Communication is Important??”. As you proceed, you have the presentation skill. How one should present during oral communication. And the path to Better Interpersonal Communication. It’s not very easy. But not that difficult also.

The author himself posses good presentation skills. The blog is nicely presented with images sprinkled in every post. That makes reading a pleasure and you don’t get bored. On left you have the post arranged in categories. You can jump directly according to your interest. And one more thing I liked is the “New Drop List” link at the top of the page. It gives you links to related sites. These links have entrecard widget. So you can improve your skills and entrecard credits. So go ahead and give a visit.

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  1. Very nice collection of information on that question. Thanks to the author. I have been looking for such an article since January! Thank you again!

  2. Cio Guttu!

    Actually I subscribed from this blog and the last time i read is something about negotiation if my memory serves me right. Indeed the images are so cool with relevance to the context and the posts are presented in a funny not boring textual way.

  3. Hi

    Very informative and aesthetically pleasing blog…great content, well planned and designed layout… speaks class…Keep the kettle on fire… I would like to keep coming back..

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