Ladies Only…

This post is not meant for ladies only. But it refers to a reserved seat in that bus or train. Well I haven’t traveled by plane. So I am not aware of that. :alien: Everyone who have traveled by bus or train like me must have been through this. Almost all. This was my first time.

What I did was not a crime. I was tired and was feeling sleepy after the lunch. Had to catch the bus to reach on time. I got one and voila!!! There was a vacant seat. I rushed towards that seat and that was the time I read “Ladies only”. Damn… I never did this before. I never seated on reserved seat. I especially avoid “Ladies Only”.

Most of the parts of Northern India doesn’t care about the reserve seats. They are for the namesake. The Southern India, you should be careful. Never seat on Ladies Only seat else you may find yourself wrapped up in bandages. Even if the bus if full packed, Ladies Only seats always remain empty unless some lady occupies it.

Till my last stop, No lady entered the bus. So it was OK. What would have been if there was a lady? I need to catch Ladies Only seat again next time to answer that question. I feel it’s alright to rest your bumps on this reserved seat till you find a lady standing.

What’s your call??

Till you seat on Ladies Only seat…
Think Nonsense…

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