Tuesday Review 01

Now it’s time for the best posts I read in the last week. As I mentioned earlier time is not a barrier for the content. Think that I am a bit late to read on those blogs. Two of my themes are similar in nature. The Sunday Review and Tuesday Readings. I may also include a post from the reviewed blog if I liked the post. Reason for these two themes is to promote blogs. So mostly the featured blogs may not have rank or may not be popular. But they are included here for the content I liked. I am already spoiling my page rank by linking to low pagerank sites. But it doesn’t matter to me. The lines above are for this post only. The next Tuesday review I’ll not repeat those.

The first post I liked is from my reviewed blog. 40 Days and 40 Nights is pretty good post to read. The author Prateek tried to create humor from very simple things in our daily life. And it’s really good. He is quiet successful in his attempt. I am yet to watch the movie so cannot compare with that. Don’t quit or skip reading because of the length of the post. I was about to do that. =]

The next post I liked was The Secrets of Developing Creative Thinking Skills : Part 1. This post really puts forward the scarcity of new philosophers. We live our life without worrying about others and not to mention about our planet. It’s true that what matters to us is our stomach and nothing else. Nowadays many peoples are doing tummy trim surgery. See they are worried about their stomach. I am looking for the next part of this post. Who knows it may get entry here again.

The third post which I thought is the best post I read in last week Believe Me …It’s Never Too Late. It tells us the spirit of old peoples who want to learn about new technology. I was shocked and surprised with the true stories mentioned. But they are inspirational. Can you imagine your granny who is 80+ to operate a computer without any help?? It sounds silly but it happened in real. Truly.. It’s never too late. How about grandpa riding the sport bike??

To get you site reviewed here or to get a mention anywhere you just need to comment on my blog. That way it’s easy for me to find your blog. I’ll be happy to review your blog for nothing.

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  1. No problem. I don’t ask for comments. It’s your wish. But I love to appreciate what others write. And these two days provide me a space to express that.

  2. Hi there Guttu! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So sorry, am not much of a commenter, but am trying to. Besides, it is indispensable to blogging.

    Btw, thank you for commenting on my two posts and featuring it here. I rarely get blogger like you who think seriously about stuff like that, and appreciate that.

    On the issue of pagerank: well I worry on that too. Young Urban Professionals’ nOOk in particular have seen a ‘seesaw’ in PR and refutation in the past 12 months. From 0 to 4 in the first 3 months, then back to 0 on the forth, then to 3 on the 7th month, then 0 again on the 9th then 2 on the 11th, then ) again on 12th. It’d frustrating, I tell you. I felt like the mighty G is playing on me. :bandit: Whether I litter my blog with paid posts or not, dofollow or nofollow the links, the mightly G seems to arbitrarily award PR. I blog anyway.

    Again, pal, thank you. I’ll see you around, and will try to comment more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That’s right. I need to worry because I lost all ranking and reputation after buying domain. Till I get a pagerank of 2 I’ll have to worry. Then I don’t care about it.

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