Nokia 888 concept phone

Am I mobile addict? You may be thinking of this question as this is second post in technology which falls in mobile technology. Not really. But these small pieces of plastic or fiber or whichever material they are made up of make our life a lot easy. We have to keep up with them. So this is another post. Last week I received an e-mail regarding this phone. And I was really surprised with the concept. It is just mind blowing.

So far you have a certain shape of mobile set in your mind. Mobile phone means it will have a screen and on backside a cover with battery to change. There will be buttons from 0-9 and some extra. Some mobile may have music related buttons. A port to connect to PC or laptop and a charger. Isn’t it? Now change your mind. Here comes a phone which will shatter the traditional image of mobile phones. Here is Nokia 888.

Nokia 888

There is no certain shape for this phone. It takes form as you change it. It is kind of a creature in fairy tales or something like genie. Since it changes anyhow you want it has to be light. This phone is mainly targeted towards the younger generation. But I’ll love to buy this as it will not interfere me. It will change according to my needs. As a wristband or a roller or fold it in half to act as a flap phone. Possibilities still to discover.

Nokia 888 Shapes

To achieve this shape some other special technologies are used. The battery used is a liquid battery rather than normal rectangular shaped. It has flexible touch screen for easy navigation. Touch sensitive cover which helps to adapt itself to the environment. The most amazing thing is the E-motions. These E-motions are electric motions. Phone changes itself when it receives certain types of E-motion. That’s cool.

What’s next?? Cannot predict now. But this phone certainly looks like a revolutionary change. The durability of Nokia phones is not questionable. I personally use two Nokia phones and they fell many times from my hands and they still work perfectly right. So I can expect the same from this phone. May be I’ll think of buying it.

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  2. @Hilary
    Looking at the concept of the phone you should be able to customize it. May be you can add the crystals.

    @United Voices
    That’s true. Sometime it happens that a concept is different and the output is different. But such thing doesn’t go with Nokia.

  3. Tech stuff usually doesn’t interest me … but that phone does!! The first thing I though when I saw the lead photo was that it could be worn as a bracelet. Do you thing I could hotfix Swarovski crystals to add some bling?

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