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Everybody is talking about iPhone. What’s so special about this gadget? What is making this different from others? I am not suppose to be reviewing this gadget. And I will not and cannot do that as I can’t afford this phone. Maybe some guy will allow me to use this phone and then i can review. But till then let’s get some cool features and technology behind this phone. Also the reason for this post is due to it’s launch in India. It is now provided by Airtel and Vodafone at a price which will make a deep hole in your pockets.

Apple is a brand known for user interface and user friendliness. After watching many videos and reviews I think it’s true. The first thing in features is the memory. This phone has inbuilt flash memory, It comes in two variants 8GB and 16GB. This is one of the greatest achievement in phone arena. Till date phones were running on memory based on cards which is slow. Flash memory is inbuilt and is much faster than memory card. That will improve performance but if you loose phone it’ll be difficult to recover data unlike cards which can be removed and can be read in card reader.

One thing I was shocked was the camera. It’s just 2 megapixel. A phone with multimedia capabilities and so much memory should have at least 3.2 megapixel camera. There is no optical zoom or flash. You have the feature of photo geotagging. That means you can point the location where you took the photo. That is interesting. It is done with the help of GPS navigation. Another downside is that you cannot record videos or audio. Now I am handicapped.

The video features looks very promising. It support H.264 videos which are highly compressed videos with almost the same quality as that of DVD. Though it depends on the resolution you choose to encode the video. This also requires lots of processing power. Thanks to 620Mhz processor built in. I remember the days of PIII processor which had the same speeds. Now speed remains the same at much smaller power consumption. Video resolution supported is 640×480 which is standard DVD quality. I don’t want to talk much about audio as it’s almost same like other high end phones. The phone runs on iPhoneOS made for this phone.

The feature I most liked is the internet browsing. Powered by Apples own safari browser, it’s much better browsing than earlier days. If you rotate the phone by 90 degrees, the browser senses the rotation and it rotates itself. The touchscreen support is also eye candy. With great effects while navigating you just want this gadget.

This phone is also environment friendly. There is no PVC used in handset, headphones and USB cable. The packaging comes from recycled materials. Now with all the things mentioned above, do you plan to buy one? As a power user if I had money to buy this I still would have kept myself away from this.

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