Voids in my life

Void is a term I first learned in my higher secondary when there was a chapter in chemistry related to this. Then it came again in my Engineering college where I had to create mix design samples. It was a part of project me with my friends did later on. These voids were very small but they give special properties to the material. They make them special. These voids should be small and not big for this.

Like those voids, I feel that I have many voids in my life. Past few days and weeks and months I am missing someone. Don’t speculate anything. This someone refers to someone. Someone with whom I can share my feelings. A good friend is not enough for this. This someone should be something special. This is not just a small void. It was earlier but now has grown big. Earlier there were some friends with whom I was sharing my feeling and they used to do the same. The voids ratio then kept low.

With the friends busy in their life and me too getting a bit busy, I hardly find someone to talk with. There are may things that you cannot share with your parents. And my sister is in her own world for past few months. It feels alone. They say you feel alone when you think so. It is true to some extent. But I just cannot ignore that I am. The big circle of my friends has just disappeared and what remained are just voids. It’s very difficult to fill the voids when they are special.

Another void is void for a good guide. I feel I am loosing my path. That happens sometimes to me. Otherwise the one I choose is the right path. In India we respect our Guru or the guide very much. Guru is more than god. He is the one who teaches us how to live and shows us the right path. I am trying to find this Guru in many peoples. But I end up learning a little bit from everyone. There is no Guru. I have pretty much mixed up life. The decision for choosing the right carrier is also important and I am still not done at that.

I feel everyone goes through the above phase. I am going through this for long now. These voids are now bigger and I actually feel them. That hurts sometimes. I am trying my best to fill them with the nonsense. This blog is helping me a lot. That is why I am able to write this. I doubt how many will read this. Expressing feeling to a big amount of audience feels nice. Thanks for reading this nonsense.

Think Nonsense…

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  1. i was in same situation few yrs back but now i got used to the solitude……u make friends u lose friends but life moves on…….Just move on my friend & try to engage urself……

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