Strange Thing

Many times strange things happen with me. I keep wondering why they happen with me?? May be because I always search for the positive side first. Or may be god has a special place for me. Actually he loves everyone equally. But I feel differently when these strange things happen. Let me tell you the reason for this.

I was on my job traveling from one site to other. There is a Bus stand that comes between the site. Nearby there is bazaar. It’s obvious so as to get more customers, bazaar is near the bus stand. As always there was lot of crowd. Good time to see chicks around. :love: So I just entered the bazaar and thought of buying something. Thankfully I had money due the salary.

The crowd in bazaar is so much that you hardly find a place  to step. Add to it the rains. Everywhere there was this muddy water which looks like tea. Ready made natural tea in today’s world of fast food. I didn’t find anything interesting to buy. Now call me a miser if you want. Is it so difficult to find a thing from many things to buy?? So I thought of getting out of the bazaar to the bus stand again to catch my bus.

I came from the other gate and at that gate there was “Chanawala”. They sell roasted green pieces. It is know as “Chana”. I asked him to give me of Rs.10. He wrapped it in a paper and gave it. I took my bus and was back to site. I kept eating that in some intervals. When all was over I wanted to throw the paper out. But since the time I’ve been blogging I always read anything from any piece of paper before throwing it. Who knows it may contain something interesting to blog about. I was surprised when I read that paper.

That page was actually from a text book and it was xeroxed. The title of the paper said “Marketing strategies on web”. I was about to fall of my chair. That is something I’ve  been looking for. I want to do good marketing of my blog and get some good number of visitors. That piece of paper just provided me with a start. I’ll be implementing the techniques. If I am successful then I’ll surely share. That was another day when I thought god listens to everyone. It is very small incidence and I may be exaggerating it.
Still.. Have faith in him.

Think Nonsense…

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  1. This is beautiful guttu! You have been blessed. And this is an awakening post for many readers like me. As long as you ask, it will be given. All we need to know is to open our eyes, ears and especially our heart to see, hear and feel the blessings.

    Good stuff. Keep the great work Buddy.

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