Changes to be made

After buying this domain now I want to make this blog get more visits. It’s now easy to remember url. So that problem is solved. Now the thing just stops around the content. Bloggers all around face a bitter truth after sometime. If you are a blogger then you may probably have faced it already. It’s my time to face it. I never expected this to be so soon.

When you start blogging about something, you have good amount of ideas to start with. You have plenty of topics. And it is one of the easiest part of the blog. Yes it is easy to start posting. Then you start writing more and more. It keeps on increasing. You get addicted to blogging and cannot stay away from blogging.

Soon you realize that you have reached a saturation point. At this point it becomes difficult to think about something and write it. Many times you don’t get topics. I am trying to find my way out and will surely post about this in my coming posts. When you don’t have any topics what will you write?? You cannot just do the copy paste stuff and loose the reputation gained. You have to write and you are out of ideas.

For past few days I am going through the same situation. It is very difficult for me to write in details. I hope that this period lasts for a short time. The main reason behind this is my Sunday. I have been busy or engaged in some activities and not able to write. I usually read on that day and capitalize on it for the rest of the week. It’s been a difficult week last week.

Now I want to make some changes to my blog in form of content. A particular day for something. I have to use that style. Since I am a bit different it’ll be different style from me. I have drawn an outline and will try to apply that from 1st. That will give me some relief from the daily blogging. I am not getting enough time. I have a lot of films to watch. Thanks to the torrents.

How do you cope up with this?? Have you been through such thing??

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  1. Thanks shiva. But I cannot make such posts again and again. The theme should be such that i could repeat on a particular weekday. I’ll take a note of your sponsored posts.

    Thanks for suggestions. Those are really common themes. I’ll try to give them a new look. I also have some more things. Wait for two days. 😉

  2. Ya.. For your blog it’s really difficult to get posts frequently… Really a tough job… Even me too got these kind of things while blogging… It should be really a nice experience by that time…. In these kind of situations i will start to write topics like What you think about my blog?, What change you require in my blog? Etc,…

    Note : Here after Selerines World will contain some sponsored posts in between informative/normal posts. So kindly look for the posts which contain ** in the title and comment in it, in Selerines World normal/informative posts will contain ** in the title and sponsored posts will contain only the title. I am expecting your cooperation so much and I hope that your cooperation to Selerines World will continue forever. Thanking you a lot…

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