Pen – A Bloodless Sword

Pen - A Bloodless Sword
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I had a different topic to write about for today’s post. Just then I stumbled on this post. The devil in me woke and he forced me to copy that. I couldn’t resist. Here I am copying the post. It was the picture which was the driving force. I need to explore flickr a lot to find some gems and write articles or in other words nonsense.

I was never into the writing thing. It is this blog which is pulling out the hidden writer in me. I am really sorry that you have to tolerate me. It is this space which makes me happy. It’s not because I can trouble you with my writings, but it’s because I can jot down what I want to say. I feel much relaxed after writing something here.

The medium changed. It is the keyboard with all other computer parts which speaks. It is getting as strong as the pen. I call pen as bloodless sword. It can draw some curves and irregular lines which then combine and form words. These words many times hurt more than a sword. They do more damage than sword. There is no blood involved though it may result in blood.

I still use pen and write most of my posts offline and then type them. It is difficult to think and write when you are in front of PC. This writing with pen gives me a great feeling. Some kind of confidence you can say. And also it is a way to improve my handwriting. Writing more and trying for writing neat does the trick. If used in right way pen is far more effective than a sword. Practically you cannot fight with pen against sword. After all size does matter.

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  1. I love to write. These days it’s just on work. I have some written posts which I have to type. It takes a while to think in front of PC. So I prefer offline.

  2. So you still like writing huh?! Well, I can type and think faster in my PC than writing it down. But my penmanship is not good as before. :p

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