Decisions… When will I learn??

It is decision time again. I got an offer which I can’t refuse. There is no gun pointed on me for the decision. I am not forced. The decision time is the most critical time and I think too much to take a simple decision. I am learning to take some good decisions and it feels good that I am improving. But when the decision time comes, I get confused.

This time again it’s related to job. I got a job offer. A better one from what I am working. So far my path of jobs is made up of small and small interval stops. I work for five-six months and leave the job. So I decided to work here for a full year atleast. Now due to financial crisis the work has slowed down. I was almost sure of pink slip this month but no. This makes me stay and continue the job for a year atleast.

The offer I got is better. A better salary, closer to my town and probably the work which I haven’t done so far. So I will get some experience. The project is also a reputed project and will attract media attention on the verge of completion. A chance to get my name in some where from nowhere.

It’s not an easy decision. I always feel God is testing me with decisions. He always puts me in some troubles and asks me to take decisions. Every  month I get atleast two job offers and this is first for this month. I think a good sleep will help in taking decision. WHatever it is. I am totally confused.

Think Nonsense…

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  1. Guttu, I find that reaching to your inner self and doing what makes your soul happy is the right choice. God will guide you and provide you all the tools you need in-order to make a decision that is best for you. lol Here is a Hug hope that helps 🙂

  2. It’s not great as it looks. Everything has it’s flipside though I see the other side. it’s hard to make decisions which to take and which to leave or stick with current. 🙁 I get confused ot of times. xD

  3. Wow, I too am confused. While leaving this comment, I know just one : your blog looks good – I was moved, yet what to say in the concrete?
    You are lucky one. You are receiving job offers each month. Congratulations. Many around can only to dream about such miracle.

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