Microsoft stops shipping Vista

In an unbelievable decision Microsoft decided to stop shipping Vista. That makes the end of an OS which was hardly liked by anyone. The reasons for this move are still behind the scene. Meanwhile in another shocking decision, Microsoft decided to prolong support for Windows XP.

I think they realize that the popularity of Windows XP is far beyond Vista. In many reviews around the world there have been negative comments about this OS. It’s hardware requirements are too high and that makes upgrading from XP a costly move.

The other reason is a bit growing popularity of Linux. Especially Ubuntu which is the most preferred Linux distribution nowadays. Later this month Ubuntu will be releasing it’s version 8.04. That version looks very promising and hence Microsoft wants to concentrate on Windows XP which earns most of the revenue.

It is really shocking considering that Vista SP1 was released a month before. That service pack fills up most of the holes and makes it more stable. Though SP3 for XP has also been released. This move of Microsoft will make a lot of faces happy. But those who have moved to vista this is a big blow for them.

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