It was raining. And raining heavily. And someone asked me for my boots. Well I thought that since it’s raining he’ll need it to go out somewhere. And I gave it. But look what he did..

Now that’s a bootplant. I’m not worried about boot but the plants. Will they survive from the terrible smell of my a year ago washed shoes. And that too were washed due to rains.

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  1. hahahahahahaha!You just made my day, Guttu! This is so amusing and i love it!!!!!My son is even laughing a lot when he sees this photo. Oh well, I just wonder if they’ll survive. Oh,bootplants you just look amazing because i hadn’t ever see such!
    By the way, Guttu, it will be my pleasure to exlink with you. I added you already under my Blooming Blogs’ list as “The Nonsense Blog”.
    Nice to meet you online! And hey, i love those bootlants, please take care of them. Tell me if they will survive after a year or so? And don’t forget a photo!

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