When everyone is genius

God created us. Us the human beings. It took years for our brain to develop. Some 10000+ years. I am not good at history. So find it yourself. He created all of us as unique personalities. We are unique. You don’t believe? It’s up to you. I know i am unique. He gave different physic and different brain. Some are born intelligent and some become later.

Hey!! I read that so many times in papers, social science class, by priests and so on… Why are you repeating this stuff? Sorry for that. I was reading some interesting stuff and couldn’t think of anything better to start my post with. If you have got some time to waste and have patience in reading long articles then read this. I got that while digging.

Einstein Genius Scientist

During my school I always had the pictures of great scientists when the words like intelligence, innovation, inventions and similar come up. May be many of you do have similar thing going in your mind. Taking them as an example I wanted to be a genius. But I landed up becoming stupid. That’s a different story. But what if everyone becomes genius? Who will be dumb then?

That’s a big question with no answer. Science is improving and will continue to do so for next years and years to come. Personally I don’t feel there is any need for anything which will make everyone genius. What would happen if Bush becomes genius? What would happen if Laloo prasad becomes genius? What would happen if Sardars become genius? They will loose what they were. They won’t be the same as before. And we will forget them pretty soon. As we all are intelligent now.

Things going against the natural process are not meant to be done that way. They will have ill effect on some or the other thing. Let us be happy in what we are. Let me be dumb guy and you be the genius. I don’t want to be something else.

Think Nonsense…

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