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I said about goals but there are two types of goals. I always wonder why the things are two types most of the times. Never mind. May be it is related to some nonsense. Will do a research on that.

As I said goals are of two types. First ones are achievable and second ones are larger than life of very difficult to achieve. Mind you I didn’t use the word “IMPOSSIBLE”. They may be achievable but chances are very less. May be one in billion. It is important which type you set. Let me explain you those two types.

First one are achievable. You calculate them with your ability and some experience. These goals are always achievable. It’s not necessary that they’ll be achieved in time. But most of the time such goal finish earlier then they are set to finish. You set such goals in order to give yourself confidence and a feeling of achieving something. Be sure not to set such goals very low. They may not take the best out of you.

On the other hand, the second type of goals are very high. They are very difficult to achieve. But if you try to achieve them and work hard to get there then you’ll be at a place which is always much better than previous one. Just as an example.

Two boys decide to make maximum sit ups in a minute. They set this target for a month. First boy sets a number of 25. He practices and at the end of month he gets to 25. The second boy sets 50. But after much hard work he too gets to 25 after a month. One achieved his goal and other didn’t. But their success is of same level. Setting very high goals gets the best out of you. But you should have courage and determination to work through that. Because at the end you’ll fail to achieve the goal but you achieved something which is nothing less than success.

Choose your type and set it. But don’t forget it. Picture a big hammer falling on your head if you forget the goal while setting it.
Best of luck and hard work.

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