All those who are literate and know to write posses something called handwriting. This is made up of some lines and curves which form a symbol called letter. This is important for a language to spread. Although some languages have common letters, the meaning may not turn out to be same.

With the ascent of computers, the handwriting is loosing it’s charm. Whatever we do now is by typing. The old documents are also being turned into soft or digital copies with help of data entry jobs. Especially this is happening with government documents. They are getting digital and easy to find.

I have unique handwriting. At first look you’ll come to know that and you won’t forget it. It is one of it’s kind. It’s messy. I wished someone should have slapped me in my school days for my handwriting so that I can have good handwriting. If not good then at least better. Being an Engineer I many times feel ashamed of my handwriting. But then it’s unique.

As far as possible I avoid to write. Because it’s difficult to decipher the writing. Sometimes I have hard time doing it myself. The question “What the hell I wrote?” arises. I waste sometime trying to figure it out. The thing that gives me relief is the handwriting of great peoples. I read somewhere that many great personalities like scientists, politicians(great personality????) had and have bad handwriting. I have bad handwriting. So am I going to be a famous personality? Who knows…

For the parents reading this nonsense, please look at the handwriting of your childrens. At least you should be able to understand that (The exceptions are illiterate peoples). And for the students reading this, try to have a good handwriting. It will definitely help. Don’t expect everyone who has bad handwriting to be a famous personality.

Think Nonsense…

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  1. Don’t worry about messy writing even tho it may not mean you will become rich and famous it does say you have a life. People who have very straight neat writing usually are such control freaks they stress themselves out.

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