A drama that is not just drama

If you have been reading me carefully, reading my blog carefully, then you’ll know that I was about to go for a drama yesterday. Fortunately all the things went right and we were there for watching this drama. It was huge and received a lot of publicity due to good reasons. Local newspapers also focused this drama. The response was so much that they increased the shows for another week. Now you come to know how much people liked it.

This is for the first time I was going with my parents and sister for a drama. That never happened. This time it was my mothers initiative that made this thing possible. I was to go for this drama a week before with my friends. But the tickets were not available for that days show. I wanted to watch that but then thought I won’t get to watch it now. Things changed in just a days time.

Me, My parents and sister along with my two uncles and their family together decided to go for this. We got fourteen tickets for the Saturdays show. That was cool. Perfect for a weekend and then a long sleep on Sunday. The show was at 7pm and was about 30km away from my house. It was an open theater show. It is cold these days and the temperatures are dipping. Mild breeze would make us shiver. Oh.. another thing. That drama was at the back of my college, in the college vicinity only. Already some great moments of my life originate there and now this one.

The drama named “संभवामि युगे युगे” is about Indian mythology. It is not mythology actually. The message of truth winning over false and good over evil is portrayed beautifully. Central character is Lord Krishna and mostly the events are from the longest epic Mahabharat. Choreography is mind blowing and eye soothing. There are few places where it goes slow and there is nothing for the viewer. But keeping that apart this is another great drama made as huge, or perhaps more than the earlier “जाणता राजा”.

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