The magic of 300

It has been a short journey but today I achieved one more landmark. And that is completion of 300 posts. Many things are happening which I thought never will. I never thought I’ll be blogging so often and will even reach to this mark. The nonsense is trying to resist the heat and make a place in this huge blogosphere. One good thing will happen, I guess, that my writing will improve. The more often you write the better you get. You’ll get better nonsense to read. 😆

There are many stages of blogging and one of the most important stage is the saturation state. This state is what kills the blogs and leaves the traces as dead blog. This stage often occurs at four to five months after blogging. You want to write but you are out of topics. You don’t see them even if they are in front of you. Thanks to all the blogs I read that I survived this stage. Though I was in that situation.

When you achieve something good and that pleases you, reward yourself. That is one of the development thought I follow. I do things which will add to happiness from what I achieve. There is no certain prize but it is something which I love. I go out somewhere I like or I watch movie which I liked or may be a new one. If there is no time then I listen to my favorite music. That is the best thing I ever do.

At this moment I have have watched two films already. Now I’ll be going for the third one. And may be the fourth one after that. I am becoming a complete movie buff now. One more addiction to the list.  Maybe I am addicted or out of control but you’re the drug that keeps me from dying. :whistle: Also there is one more reward to myself. I’ll be starting protein intake from tomorrow. The long waited thing. Thanks to all the health blogs and my friend vishesh.

I hope to be something better than just skeleton. I am also looking forward for Functional training. It’s lunch time for me. If you are also having lunch or dinner or eating something then bon appetite.

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