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I’m not talking about the TV show. I’m talking about the language. The voice that comes out of you mouth. I don’t know how many of you are proud of your language. But I am. I love my language and I don’t like when someone comments bad about it. The country I live, India, speaks more than 1600 languages. That is a big number. But majority of India speaks Hindi. And it is the official language of India. This is the language which unites most of the country.

But in the recent years this language is getting polluted. The reason is the language I’m writing this blog. Yes it’s English. You’ll hardly find any conversation which is done without a word from English. Even at home, where you mother tounge should be prominent, you find that English words are being used. I don’t say stop using English completely, But rather use your language more than English.

In India whenever you speak in English people look at you in a different way. They see you as a scholar. They think you know a lot and you have good knowledge. So if you are a dumba** and would like to have good impression, Then speak in English. For the past three years I’ve been trying to clean what I speak. I’ve successfully removed most of the English words I use in three languages I speak most. I was able to do this with lots of reading in those languages.

India has Hindi as the National language. Almost in all states it’s compulsory. But it’s sad to say that most of the South India hates this language for no reason at all. They are so called proud peoples and want to save their language. But unfortunately they don’t do so. They just use English instead of using their regional languages. I made a lot of friend from this region and talked to them about this. The first thing is they argue without understanding the thing. I’ve been so far able to convince most of them about the importance of Hindi. Surprisingly, many of them did.

Having a common language to be spoken all around the country is important. It helps for better communication and brings unity. English is being forced in almost all states and sad to know the new generation doesn’t even know their mother tounge correctly. That is ought to happen when you have English schools from the first standard where you have no choice to choose the local language. Let them learn their language first and then go for English. It’s easy to implement Hindi as most of the India speaks it.

In the end I’d like to say that I hate English. The reason is that it’s polluting our languages. I don’t under estimate the contributions of this language towards uniting the whole world through Internet. But then stick to your regional language and National language wherever you are in the world. That is the key to progress.

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