Granny of Future

This will be the granny of future. I think some granny’s are already like this. I remember mine. Both of them. They used to knit and make blankets. Whenever I used to stay there in holidays I used to get one on the way to return. But today I think the relations are not as close like the old days. At least I feel I’m lucky to run around my granny and grandpa. May be in near future there may be a program to create pickles.

I still remember the “Laddus” she used to prepare for me whenever I go for a stay in holidays. Even otherwise I used to get some sent through my uncles or aunties. I wish those days could be back again. It’s not possible though. Most of the times I used to go in summer. And bananas were in plenty those days. Unlike today where the two diseases have spoiled them. She used to make special “Pakodas” of banana. Really tasty stuff.

How can I forget various types of “Papad”. I loved them all. And now I really miss them. Our age is gone. Now in this Hi-Tech world these things are getting lost. Everything is getting computerized or machine made. That doesn’t have the taste which my granny used to make. I miss you granny…

Duh. Nostalgia…

Think Nonsense…

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  1. You’re absolutely right. Even though grannies don’t want to learn about the web, once they do they’ll be hooked. I don’t think I know anyone over 60 who knows how to send email, but they’ll come around. Very funny post :woot:

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