What is Pro-Blogger??

I actually don’t know since when this blogging thing started. I feel the question is correct. It’s not Who is Pro-Blogger?? After this entry may be I’ll find out more about that. Since the start, there has been an exponential growth of the blogs. Almost anyone can create a blog. And anyone who knows to operate Computer and use internet is creating a blog. That is the secret of growth of the Bloggers.

But not all bloggers are same. Some bloggers are new or called as n00bs. They have little knowledge of blogging and just copy paste things around them. They write something about themselves and leave the blog. Many time they don’t update. I wanted a blog on Blogger and WordPress but the name I wanted was already taken. And it was just created and left. That’s not a Blogger.

Now how you can become a Pro-Blogger?? Truly speaking I don’t know. :love: Even I’m trying to find out this. The real definition of Pro-Blogger is not known to me. When I googled for the term I found the following definitions.

A Problogger or Professional Blogger is a person whose occupation is to write blogs for a living. He or she is considered an expert in his or her field and is an authority qualified to teach apprentices.

A Pro Blogger is one who gets paid for the Blog he writes or the posts he writes.

But then there are some Bloggers who are much successful in terms of hits to their sites. But still they don’t earn anything from their posts or blogs. Aren’t they Pro-Blogger?? Do they belong to Pro category??

The simple reason for the for writing this article is that I get to see many blogs or bloggers saying things. Like they want to be a Pro-Blogger. They are Pro-Blogger. May be the cash they earn is the only criteria for being a Pro-Blogger. Now I want to be a Pro-Blogger. It’s been six months I’ve been writing daily. I want that badge now ;-( . I feel related to the picture.

Pro Blogger

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  2. Thanks Gemisht. The thing is I don’t want to make money out of my blog. I’m getting everything free. May be some money for a domain name. But actually I’m trying to find real definition. What you say is most of the bloggers say. But according to me it’s the hits and the number of comments which decide Pro blogger. By learning the money making techniques, you can earn without writing much on blog. But as a blogger you must write quality and a considerable quantity also. That’s a pro blogger in my opinion.

  3. The “Pro” in Pro-blogger implies that they are professionals. To be a professional implies that you get paid to do what you do – pro golfers get paid, amateurs don’t. Pro surfers get paid, amateurs don’t. In some cases amateurs are not necessarily not as good as the pros’ they just don’t get paid.

    So, you could be a fantastic blogger, post every day, get hundreds of hits every day and 50 or more comments per post, but if you’re not being paid for it then you are not a pro-blogger.

    Concentrate on your blogging and worry about the Pro bit later.

  4. Thats right. 🙂 The whole point of this post is not to run after the pro-blogger tag. If you keep writing you’ll automatically be a pro-blogger. :woot: We blog because we want to. 8)

  5. What’s the big deal about being a pro-blogger anyway? Don’t you just do it because you like to write? It is still amazing to me how many people actually read my blog! I have found many interesting blogs though through Entrecard. Sometimes, I’ll just be dropping to earn credits to advertise on a higher priced blog, and I’ll find some very interesting posts that get my attention so I revisit them later to comment. Sometimes, like today with yours, I stop and comment right away!

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