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I’ve been blogging for five months. Actually it’s far before that. But I did it on large scale since five months. At present I’m 24. So I’m not that old. A bit young blood (These lines are written just for my personal satisfaction that I’m not old). So what’s the perfect age for blogging?? Do you have a certain age limit in your mind??

There are millions of bloggers around the world and I read many blogs. I really don’t know their ages. What I look and read is the thing they write. The entries they post. If it’s interesting I comment and give a visit again. That’s how my blogging goes. But in spite of these things I had an age limit in my mind. Like 60-70 years. No one can blog over that. But I was wrong.

On 12th July 2008 the oldest blogger died. Her name was Olive Riley. You can read about the news here and here. And do you know what was her age?? She was 108 years old. Pretty young. This gives clear idea that the bloggers and blogging does not have age limit. It is you who limit yourself. If you really wanted to blog then you would have asked for help. Zillions of sites and peoples ready to help you.

The blogger died is an inspiration for all. At least I’m inspired. I will now be posting with more passion. You can visit her blog at
World’s Oldest Blogger
World’s Oldest Blogger
Domain may not be working but the blogspot link works. Visit and give a tribute to her.

May her soul rest in peace..

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