Wake Up!!!

My love for movies is making me mad. I love to watch good movies and often torrents are the only source. Due to my limited bandwidth for each month, I have to use some tricks to get some downloads. That is because the unlimited downloading time is between 2a.m. to 8a.m. It is foolish thing to wake up everyday at that time and start the download and get back to sleep. So I just schedule them.

Over the years I gathered some good amount of knowledge for softwares. So I knew what to do. Just a little piece of software that will start the torrent client and then shutdown my computer just before 8a.m. It goes smooth most of the times. But there are times when it gets stuck and doesn’t download anything. I wake up in the morning only to find that nothing has been downloaded. That’s a bad start.

For the past two days I am trying to download some movies. And I am unable to get a single MB of download. That is frustrating. So I have decided to wake up till 2 o’clock and find out what is happening. I have full Sunday to watch these movies then. guess what’s the price I have to pay?? I think I’ll be late on job. Not sure though and I don’t want that thing to happen.

So I am awake like an owl in the night. Unfortunately I cannot see in dark. So you can say a bind owl. I have to learn how to stay awake in night. It is a kind of irony. Sometime back I was insomniac and now I want to be an insomniac. With all my experience behind I’ll try to keep my eyes open. Have you ever been in “wake up” situation? Mine is a silly one. And I have done such silliness many times. But have you??

Think Nonsense…

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