That silly PageRank

Just when I thought I will be blogging for fun from next month onwards I get this change. I was always looking towards that page rank for a long while and didn’t check it for last 15 days. Today I saw many posts and bloggers talking about this. So I just checked my blogs rank. And guess what I got PR3. Just imagine PR3 for nonsense. I cannot stop laughing.

The frustrations of traffic were all around me through this month. But some comments from fellow bloggers changed my mind.I was going to make this announcement anyway. from next month onwards it’ll be blogging for fun. I’ve been trying to give professional touch to my blog by getting traffic, changing templates, the SEO things and all that stuff. Now most of the things stop here.

Over these eight months in blogging I am really getting to know the spirit of blogging. There are thousands who are making money with blogs smaller than me. Add to it no content at all. I have seen some blogs where there were only posts which were very general type. Yet the blog had high rank and blogger was making money. Such blogs drove me into money making thing.

That stops now. Who doesn’t ike to make money. I may start it again. But this time not so early. Let me be a good blogger first. Throw some tomatoes and shoes at me. I’ll get some food and shoes to wear. Commenting helps always. Often comments are called the oxygen for blogs. Throw some criticising comments at me. Don’t spam though. I aready get lots of spam comments which I have handled through spam filters.

My weekly themes will change a bit. I will not be doing them always. So they will not be weekly. I’ll try to make them weekly. Happy blogging…(I am not refering to myself here)

Think Nonsense…

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  1. Hey, thanks a ton for dropping by! About the pagerank and all, I’ve stopped bothering about them and technorati ratings and everything a long time ago. As long as you are happy with what you blog about, life will be good. 🙂

  2. A BIG WOW for you sweetie. Enjoy and grab more opportunity as much as you can. Google pagerank is unpredictable.

    Looking forward your layout skinning.

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