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And here comes the Sunday with another review of a blog. The blog I am talking about is The Øblog. It has a different name and I am still unaware of the meaning of the title. To the best of my knowledge the symbol resembles to a mathematical symbol which is normally used to represent the diameter of a circle. I usually don’t forget things related to maths as I was known to be good at maths. Well.. They say 😉

The author of the blog is Øyvind. And that is another unusual name. After searching a bit I found that that’s a symbol in Danish, Faeroese and Norwegian languages. The domain name suggests where he is from. I checked the about page for some details about the author. Now how old is that guy?? :whistle:

The writing style is somewhat every new blog should follow. It is easy to read and not many difficult words for which you’ll need to Google. The content is not enough to be read. There should have been some more lines added to the posts. Too less content will make the users go away. The content looks dull in spite of plenty of room to write on the subjects he chose.

The layout of the blog is good. It loads pretty fast and that is a plus. But I thought the number of entries on first page should be less. A good number is around 5 entries. Ten is a bit too much and you have a long scrolling page. The sidebars give pretty useful links like Recent Comments, Recent posts, Recent Entrecard droppers. It’s one of things I look when I browse blogs. The sidebar should be arranged well and not a cluttered one. Another plus here. Blog archive is there but as a drop down list. It should be a list. But putting a list of archive will not be a good choice here. The reason is the number of posts. And it’s very less compared to the time he is been on blog.

The good thing about the content is the use of pictures. That gives life to his blog and the posts and this review. The pictures are well used and have great quality. When you read the blog, it is easy to read. There are this two links you need to check out at the top of the page. The “Movies” and “210708”. Now I want that Movies plugin on my blog. ^_^

Blog: Øblog
Author: Øyvind
Layout: 7/10
Content: 6/10
Readability: 8/10
Frequency: 4/10
Loading Time: 9/10
Total: 34/50

Edit: Updated blog link. 🙂

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