Who is Chetan??

Today’s blog is inclined towards technology. It’s a tech blog rather than a personal or something related to writing. So far the blogs I reviewed were all related to writing. The author wrote his thoughts and they kind of attracted me to reading. But this is different. This is about technology. And you should have knowledge before writing the stuff. Practical knowledge is icing on cake.

The blog I am talking about is The Chetan. To be frank when I visited this blog for the first time I was expecting writings from the author. The site name is something not realted. When you give a domain name like that you expect personal thoughts and writings there. Still I went ahead and started reading the posts.

I am inclined towards Indian blogs. I feel that they write good. This not to offend other bloggers. The best of the blogs I read are Non-Indian. It’s a tech blog and what you expect from tech blog? High frequency. That’s not found here. Archive doesn’t mention the amount of posts per month. Not difficult to find out. There were one or two interesting posts in the blog. There is a lot he needs to improvise on.

Frequent posting about emerging technologies or software’s is needed. You just should not expect good traffic from the posts you write. You need to get out of the mould and read about new technologies. Then write what you think in your own words. I am tech savvy and love to read anything about technology. Hence I kept a space on my blog on Saturday. I feel I am talking different than what others say about the same thing. Write more tips about whatever technology you like. Fire up the archive size. The plus of this blog is the readability and the layout.

Blog: The Chetan
Author: Chetan Gole
Layout: 8/10
Content: 5/10
Readability: 7/10
Frequency: 4/10
Loading Time: 9/10
Total: 33/50

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