Hostel – With Maternity Ward

If college students of both sexes are made to share a hostel, All they would do then is make babies. And you’ll need to setup a Maternity ward near hostel.

These are great words of a person designated as principal of a college in Delhi. I am always striked by the stories about sex. And I believe most of us do get attracted to such stories. I like to read them so as to make me aware of the situation. Current generation, of which I am also a part, is inclined towards casual relationship and casual sex. I have kept myself away from such relations. They are sure to make your life a bit more troublesome.

After making the above statement there was a chaos. The reactions towards the statement were almost all against the principal. Pitty fellow. Due to all pressure around him, he then said it was a “light humor”. Wow!!!!!!! A principal with a sense of humor is greatest gift a college can get. I saw three principals in my college and none of them were having sense of humor. Perhaps we all have moulded the personality of principal as a strict and discipline loving person. But this principal is different. Unfortunately his “light humor” created a “heavy situation”. So it’s better to be in the mould.

The reactions of college students were also against him. But I am sure many of them will agree to the situation. It is due to the great impact of the western culture on our society. I won’t say western culture is bad. But it’s good in that region. We have our own culture which does not allow casual sex or physical relationship before marriage. Just to get some extra pleasure which you will get after marriage you fall in such relation.

College is for studies which is what our parents say. I agree. But nowadays studies are less and non-studies activities are getting more. You’ll always see couples all around the college campus. And that “just friends” relationship often turns into physical relationship. It may be temporary or permanent. But it happens. I don’t agree with the principals decision completely. I can assure you that there won’t be any baby/babies nor there will be a need for maternity ward. This is due to the awareness and use of condoms, emergency contraceptive pills. The rest of the statement remains the same.

What do you think about such relationship?? or in other words casual sex???

Think Nonsense…

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  1. I agree with the thing that no one has right to interfere in others personal matters. I also agree that if you like it then do it otherwise don’t do it. But does that thing really apply here? Is a person really able to make his own decisions regarding such matter at that age? I don’t think so.

  2. No one is having rights to involve in others personal matters… If they feel it’s ok for them then they are free to do it, otherwise they don’t. It all depends on own desire and interests. No one can change any thing at any time. According to me If you like then do it, otherwise don’t do it….

  3. If he had said against “Indian Culture” then surely he would have been doomed. Todays youth really feels “cool” when sexually active. the reason behind is unknown. The reason behind this “cool” feeling spread is unknown.

    Since most of them are over 18 they are legally allowed to do that. :sick:

  4. He is lucky he didnt say anything against the “indian culture” or the moral police would have been there to blacken in face.
    I dont think indian youth are as promiscuous as they are being made out to be. They base these on polls, in which i doubt are accurate. These days its supposed “cool” to be sexually active so if you ask people most of them will say yes they are even though they arent.

    As far as my view on this, as long as they take responsibility for their actions and dont be stupid i think its alright.

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