A step closer to invisibility

This is a fantasy. We have been watching many films and read stories about people who have the power of being invisible. Sometime back I saw films like “Hollow man” and “Mr. India“. That sometime was a long ago you can say. I always wished to have that power and use it against the evil. The first film here though frames the dark side of being invisible. I think everyone will love to be invisible.

Scientists are a step closer to being invisible. This will not only make humans invisible but any object. Scientists have engineered a new material which can control the direction of visible light. The logic is simple. Just bend the visible light away from the object and it becomes invisible. There is no injection or any kind of drug required. This can also hide large objects like ships and plane.

While looking at an object we see it because the visible light hits it and returns back to our eyes. As I said earlier it gets curved or bend with the help of this meta-material. An observer looking at object will then see the light behind the object. That will make the object invisible and his background visible. The material used is developed with the help of nanotechnology.

Being invisible will be a pleasure. I can go anywhere I want without any restrictions. I will hide myself from those who don’t like my face. They’ll be happy. I think this will also help me to sneak pass any dog. The bad thing is my clothes will be useless. As nobody will be able to see me. That will save some money on my wardrobe.

But if the power goes in wrong hands and used with wrong intention it can create another hell. I am sure the first use of this power will be for military purpose to sneak into countries. Also to create ships an planes invisible to radar. A good use may be to fight against crime. But who will do that??

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