Have you heard of Goa??

It’s the place where I live. :woot: Shocked??? May be or may not not be. But there must be at least one who will have this question in his\her mind. How come such a stupid person be in the coolest place in world?? Sorry to disappoint you. But that’s where I live. And believe me it’s really a nice place to live. I’ve been living here since the day I was united into 23+23 chromosomes. (I’m weak in Biology. Correct the number if I’m wrong.)

I’m writing this today because my blog completed five months. It’s six months for me. I worked hard (????) :whistle: for about a month, that was in January, to learn about blogging and gathering content. When I started the blog, I had enough content to post for one and half month. I used all means to put this blog forward. And after five months of blogging, now I can write about anything in just a matter of minutes.

I’ve learned the art to write (I was illiterate 🙁 ). How to write a post given a topic. That is what matters to keep your blog alive. Reading is the most essential part. Keep reading, especially other blogs. That will give you some ideas. Don’t copy them but use them. But write in your own words.

Back to Goa. The beaches here are awesome. But many don’t know how beautiful Goa is in monsoons. Yes you have to find the road through the potholes. You have to get wet in the rain. But the pleasure that you will get in the end will make you forget all the things. There are beautiful places in Goa still waiting to be explored. You’ll never forget Goa once you visit it.

The visitors love Goa because of some other things also. I will not mention the all. The best thing is the people of Goa. Always ready to help you, guide you. i visited some places outside Goa. And when I told them I’m from this beautiful place they were very happy. This happened every time I was outside Goa. The life here is full of parties, beers (Sorry. I don’t drink.. ), dance and full of joy. And I’m proud to be born and living here. If you are coming to Goa then just drop a mail to me. I’ll try my best to get in touch with you. 8)

My favorite beaches..

Beach in Goa

Another beach in Goa

And this is the view I fell for. This is in Monsoons..

beach view Goa in monsoon

Till you visit Goa.. :love:

Think Nonsense….

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  1. Yup..Goa has a lot of portuguese influence. Many churches and old structures show that. Also the language Konkani is influenced by portuguese words..

    I don’t know the meaning of Guttu. For me it’s just a nick name. :love:

  2. I have heard that Goa has Portuguese influences. What does Guttu mean? My last name is Guttu. I cook a lot of Indian dishes including Vindaloo.
    I have set up a blog but have yet to populate it.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Thanks for advice. As I told you I’m very possessive about my blog design. =] I took lot of effort in customizing it. So absense will spoil it. I’ll try to put in better way. i already have entrecard. And am getting good hits from that. The only thing I need the money is to buy a domain. Nothing else. 🙂
    thanks for dropping comment here :love:

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  5. It’s a sad thing that you must have heard. The truth was totally different and only a few newspapers put forward. The security is not the best but it’s enough to keep you safe. It’s perfectly safe to travel here. At least at the time I wrote these lines. 🙂

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